Halloween Havoc: 80’s Video Games, Facepaint and Funches

Halloween Havoc, WCW’s October Pay-Per-View, No Longer Exists.
So … Let’s Look at Costumes Instead.

It’s Halloween! As you’ve seen time and time and time again, we love wrestling inspired costumes! Here are some things we’ve seen this year that will get you in the Halloween spirit!

Super Smash Wrestling:


Yes. You read that right. Super Smash Wrestling is a group of wrestlers dressed as the popular characters from the Super Smash Brothers series, who put on wrestling matches at cosplay conventions.

So if you ever wanted to see Luigi vs. Little Mac:

Link charging to the rescue…

Or Nana obliviously ignoring the fact that Popo is about to be murdered by Solid Snake

Cosplay Pro Wrestling’s “Super Smash Wrestling” is the fed for you. These wrestlers go all out to pay tribute to the Super Smash Bros franchise. The group took their tribute to the next level a few weeks ago at the South Jersey Geek Fest, when they put on a tribute battle royal to the late Satoru Iwata.

Just like when a new Smash Bros. drops, you never know when this group will show up. The best way to find out their whereabouts is to follow Mike Goldstein for more cool cosplay wrestling.

Speaking of cool, How cool is facepaint? Some of our favorite wrestlers have donned cool facepaint. Finn Balor, The Ultimate Warrior, Sting, Demolition, would it be cool if someone could teach you how to pull off that face paint?

Guess what? There is! And that person’s name is…

No. It’s not John Cena. It’s Stephanie Silver!

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