Highlight Reel: Teeth to Win

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Now that you’ve depleted your Halloween Candy and nearly done with your Election Day Candy, ThreeManBooth would like to provide you with a friendly reminder: Go to the Dentist! Listen, we love sugar, chocolate and fruity delicious delicious fruity fruity fruity Skittles as much as the next Booth but you gotta remember to look after this teeth. Just ask your favorite Independent Wrestler, Colt Cabana!

Good dental hygiene is important. How many times have a Wrestler’s teeth come in handy, whether they need to break a bear hug by taking a bite out of someone’s forehead or need to chew their way out of a tight grip? What you’re in a 3-on-1 handicap match and both your arms are occupied? You gotta use them choppers!

Image Courtesy of Glen Weixler Photograpy

That was the inspiration for this Delta Dental commercial. Every part of your body can be used in a match, including your teeth! Plus, having a great smile will keep you… positive.

Image courtesy of WWE.com

Make sure you visit the dentist before the Christmas Candy comes around. Also, do your homework; go to a good dentist. Otherwise, you get this guy:

Image Courtesy of WWE.com

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