Highlight Reel: Who’s B.A.D.?

In Highlight Reel, 3MB will check out funny and interesting videos

The WWE is on a European tour right now. And with every tour, there’s some down time. As of late, the rulers of the backstage antics have been The New Day. They threw down the gauntlet and only one team accepted: Team B.A.D!

Sasha Banks, Tamina, and Cesaro Naomi are having fun both in and out of the ring. Like The New Day, their bond grows with each passing day. Also like the New Day, these Divas have taken their backstage antics to another level.

Image Courtesy of the WWETeam B.A.D. recreated Michael Jackson’s “Bad” video while backstage on the European Tour:

Sasha, Naomi and Tamina are living up to the acronym B.A.D. They’ve gave new meaning to the word (Beautiful And Dangers) and, by channeling the King of Pop, they’ve added another meaning to their name.

GIF Courtesy of BillieJeanIsForLoversAnd the WWE Universe has to answer right now just to tell you once again: Who’s B.A.D.?

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