So That Happened: #RAW Recap (11/09/15)

Seth Rollins is injured and it’s time to find a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Who will that Champion be? Let’s dance our way into this RAW recap and find out!

Triple H came out and addressed Seth Rollins’ injury. Triple H called Rollins a great champion and The Man. After a “Thank You Rollins” chant, Triple H thanked Rollins and said he’s still the man, but no longer the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Triple H brought out Roman Reigns next.

Triple H addressed the World Heavyweight Title Tournament, then told Roman Reigns that it’s unfair. has to be in the tournament. Triple H let Reigns know this could be easier for him, then started to persuade Reigns into joining The Authority. Triple H let Reigns know that before they chose Rollins to be “The Man”, they strongly considered Reigns as well.


Triple H continued to try and get Roman Reigns to join The Authority, reminding Roman Reigns of his shortcomings with the Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania and the fan criticism. Triple H says if Reigns wants to be The Man, he needs to become “Triple H’s” Man.

Roman Reigns let Triple H know that everything he earned and did his way. Reigns refused to sell out and told Triple H to take his offer and shove it. Because of this, Roman Reigns is put in a tournament match against the Big Show.

Which Roman Reigns wins.

The rest of the tournament is announced.


Kevin Owens came out next and promoted his music, saying you can buy it on iTunes and put some change in his pocket. Owens showed off his pockets on his wrestling gear.

Kevin Owens segwayed into change and thinks change is needed, because the WWE Universe have been cheering for the same garbage for years. After the fans cheered, Owens mocked the British fans for cheering along like they’re the smartest fans. Owens thinks the British fans are the dumbest due to their love of the Royal Family. Owens goes back to change in WWE, saying that the change he’s going to bring is to benefit Kevin Owens and Kevin Owens only. Owens vows that when he stands in the ring as Intercontinental and WWE Champion, nobody will be able to deny that this is the “Kevin Owens Show.”

Kevin Owen’s opponent, Titus O’Neil, tried, but lost to via Pop Up Powerbomb

Dolph Ziggler advanced into the tournament next by beating The Miz.

Alberto Del Rio and Zeb Colter continued to promote MexAmerica, excluding the United Kingdom and making fun of them and calling them haters. Del Rio also vows to win the World Title Tournament and become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion and first MexAmerica Champion.

Cesaro vs. #ScumbagSheamus was the next tournament match.

After a distraction from Wayne Rooney, Cesaro defeated #ScumbagSheamus.

Cesaro has to face Roman Reigns in the next qualifying round in the tournament.


Before Dean Ambrose vs. Tyler Breeze, Tyler Breeze mocked Dean Ambrose’s outfit with Summer Rae. Summer called Ambrose Homeless, calling him a disgrace to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Summer thinks Tyler Breeze would be a blessing as World Champion. Breeze says his face will become the new face of WWE.

During the match, Dean Ambrose does his best Tyler Breeze impression during their tournament match.

Tyler Breeze was impressive in his RAW debut match.

But unfortunately for Prince Pretty, Ambrose defeated him with a small package.

In non-Tournament news…

Paige spoke with Renee Young. The tension from a few weeks ago is still there. Renee asks Paige if she’s concerned about Becky Lynch. Paige calls Becky a rat and was glad that she beat her, Sasha and Brie to earn the right to face “Baby Flair” at Survivor Series. Paige vows tonight to take out the B, so at Survivor Series it’s Paige vs. That C.

Despite Paige’s confidence, Becky Lynch got the victory via rollup.

After the match, Paige attacked Becky Lynch.


But Baby Flair saved the day.

In more Diva news, Naomi of Team B.A.D. had to face Natalya. During the match, Nattie tried to get the WWE Universe to chant “We Want Sasha.”

Nattie’s mindgames worked as it helped her pull out a victory against Naomi.

Post-Match, Sasha Banks attacked Natalya and almost got a Sharpshooter for her troubles.

But Naomi and Tamina saved their Team B.A.D. “leader.”

And to make matters worse, Team B.A.D. put Sasha Banks’ glasses on Natalya while attacking her.


Before facing Neville and The Usos, The New Day came down to the ring and questioned the decision to not have any members of The New Day in the WWE World Title Tournament. The New Day claimed they were treated like Outcasts, despite them being So Fresh and So Clean.

The New Day reminded the WWE Universe about the times they laid out Dolph Ziggler, The Dudley Boyz and John Cena. The New Day dedicate their match to their fallen Captain, Seth Rollins. They tell everyone to get their horns out and send Rollins the magic he needs. Woods told the people in attendance not to do it since European magic is garbage. Kofi also chimed in letting the world know that Harry Potter sucks.

Despite an amazing Corkscrew Moonsault from Neville…

The New Day were victorious.

Bray Wyatt decided to have a Eulogy for The Undertaker and Kane.

Bray Wyatt wants the WWE Universe to bow their heads and pay respect to the legends that are Kane and The Undertaker.

After bowing his head, Bray Wyatt laughs and calls the WWE Universe fools. Wyatt refuses to pay respect to these relics because their respect is his respect. Wyatt says he took the torch and burned The Undertaker and Kane straight into ashes. Wyatt says it all belongs to him and that he owns The Brothers of Destruction. Wyatt is interrupted by a Brothers Of Destruction video.

The Undertaker and Kane return.

The Wyatt Family starts to get involved.

The Undertaker and Kane quickly took out the rest of The Wyatt Family, then Bray Wyatt with a Double Chokeslam.


The Undertaker and Kane stand tall, with their souls back.

That’s it for RAW this week. Thanks for reading! We’ll see you next week!

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