So That Happened: RAW and SmackDown Live Moments Of The Week

There was a lot of WWE TV this week (A lot of wrestling in general) and sometimes it is hard to keep up. Luckily, we did catch up and both RAW and SmackDown Live were perfectly cromulent shows this week. With both brands building momentum towards Extreme Rules and Money In The Bank respectively, what were the moments of the week?

For RAW:

Was it…

Alexa Bliss channeling her inner Sandmanperson?

Sasha channeling her inner Stephanie McMahon?

The reboot of Goldust?

The Tag Team Match between Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins vs. Bray Wyatt and Samoa Joe?

Or who attacked Enzo?

If you said it was none of these and believe it was the debut of The Drifter…

The answer is no.

The moment of RAW goes to Finn Balor and Paul Heyman!

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So That Happened: WWE Backlash 2017 (Don’t Hinder Jinder)

Last night, WWE held their SmackDown exclusive event, Backlash on the WWE Network. The blue brand put on their best effort as usual, featuring the in-ring main roster debut of Shinsuke Nakamura.

Breeznango losing to The Usos, but winning our hearts.

We didn’t FORGET Tommasso Ciampa…

But back to Backlash…
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Tweets of The Week: 05/15 -05/21/17

Wrestling Twitter is a great place and we like to spotlight that. So here are your wrestling tweets of the week!

Starting with this odd Brock Lesnar tribute!

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Unprofessional Wrestling: MTV’s The Challenge: Champs v. Pros

The 3ManBooth DVR records anything with “Wrestling” in the Title or Description. Good or Bad, We’ll Share Its Unprofessional Wrestling

One of my favorite shows to watch is MTV’s The Challenge, formerly known as The Real World / Road Rules Challenge. The show used to consist of former Real Worlders taking on former Road Rulers in a Battle of the Network Stars kind of thing, but for money. The show has taken on a life of its own: you don’t even need to watch Real World anymore to enjoy The Challenge.

But now there’s a new spinoff: The Challenge: Champs vs Pros will have former Champions / Fan Favorites like Johnny Bananas and CT compete on behalf of charities against Professional Athletes like Olympic Hurdler Lolo Jones and… CM Punk?

As long as CM Punk is on the show, I’ll share with you what he’s up to. Continue reading

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3 Count: King of Song Style

In 3 Count, Three Man Booth will Discuss Wrestling Related Music: Good, Bad & Otherwise

WWE Backlash is tonight and we’re all excited for one thing: the debut of “The Artist” Shinsuke Namakura on the Smackdown Live roster.

To go along with that moniker, we found different team’s  interpretations of  his entrance music, “The Rising Sun.”

Guitar Cover – It Lives, It Breathes

Shinsuke Nakamura is a rock star so naturally a rock version of his theme would fit as well. Anthony Di Biase of It Lives it Breathes awesomely translates the violin part of “The Rising Sun” into an electric guitar. Plus, there’s a full band version where they scream “YEAOH!”


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