Snapshots: The Hidden Reference You Missed in Southpaw Regional Wrestling

Today the WWE released footage of their long lost territory, Southpaw Regional Wrestling.

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Highlight Reel: The 3:16 Day Remix You Need To Hear Today

We love Stone Cold Steve Austin.

We love 3:16 Day.

We love wrestling rap remixes.

So naturally, when someone put all 3 of these things together, we were like…

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I Was There: Kevin Owens vs. Brock Lesnar at #WWEMSG

It has not been a good week for Kevin Owens. First, the longest reigning WWE Universal Champion lost his Universal Championship at Fastlane to Goldberg Chris Jericho’s interference.

Then, Owens was scheduled to face Brock Lesnar at WWE’s SmackDown brand live event on March 12th at Madison Square Garden. If you’ve seen a Brock Lesnar match in the past few years, you know his matches are quick and painful. But Kevin Owens was prepared for the worst.

So, how did Owens do against Lesnar? Well…

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Luchadorable: John Cena

In Luchadorable, 3MBooth spotlights wrestlers being downright adorable!

It’s hard to stay angry at John Cena. Sure, there was a time when it was real issue. The “Spoiler Alert: I win LOL” Cena was real easy to boo him, melodically.

But in the last few years, John Cena really has turned a corner. He’s put on arguably one of the best matches of the year against AJ Styles at Royal Rumble 2017. He’s tied Ric Flair’s record of the most number of World Championship Title wins. He’s with Nikki Bella out of the ring and on reality TV, Total Bellas. He’s established his career outside of the ring too, shooting movies, voicing a pistachio loving pachyderm, hosting television shows like the ESPYS and Saturday Night Live. John Cena’s… happy!

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Highlight Reel: The only Super Bowl reaction video you need to see

In Highlight Reel, 3MBooth searches for videos to share.

For those who didn’t watch Super Bowl 51, you missed quite the pro wrestling comeback. The New England Patriots came back from a 25 point deficit to defeat The Atlanta Falcons in overtime (First overtime ever), 34-28. It was the closest thing the NFL has had to a John Cena match.

Despite the Cena-style ending, Super Bowl 51 was not about New England’s John Cena vs. “The Guy from Atlanta.” The best wrestling reaction came from New Day Members Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods.


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