The RAW Moment (06/19/17)

This week’s RAW moment is going to be a sad one.

It wasn’t the return of Braun Strowman.

It wasn’t Samoa Joe letting Roman Reigns know he exists.

It wasn’t The Miz Bears.

Let’s just jump right into this sad moment.

It was the reveal of Enzo Amore’s attacker!

After weeks of speculation, RAW General Manager, Kurt Angle put the speculation to rest after inviting Enzo Amore, Big Cass, The Revival and Big Show to the ring. After Big Show angrily proved his innocence, and The Revival proved their innocence, Corey Graves interrupted with security footage of Big Cass’ attack, which revealed Big Cass pretended to be hurt. After being cofronted, Cass came clean.

Big Cass said he had many reasons to attack Enzo, like Enzo being the reason he is not a star, and always having to fight Enzo’s battles for him. But another reason Big Cass did it was just vicious.

Since the cat was already out of the bag, Big Cass wasted no time in ruining his friendship with Enzo Amore.

Now, after a lifelong friendship and four years of teaming with each other in NXT, Enzo Amore and Big Cass are no more.


To make matters worse for Enzo, the way he landed was in classic Yamcha pose.


Hopefully Enzo Amore will be able to bounce back from this Yamcha-like fate like the certified G he is. As for Big Cass?

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