So That Happened: The SmackDown Moment (06/20/17)

Similar to RAW, SmackDown Live had a very easy moment to pick out.

It wasn’t Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Dolph Ziggler.

Or the return of Chad Gable

Or Randy Orton’s RKO-Stunner.

It was the the solving of Carmella’s Money In The Bank win.

SmackDown Live opened with the Women’s Division taking umbrage with the ending of the Money In The Bank Ladder Match. Daniel Bryan promised to resolve the issue by the end of the show. Carmella wasted no time in basking in her victory and trashing her and Ellsworth’s critics.

Throughout the night, the Money In The Bank participants stated met with Daniel Bryan to encourage him to “do the right thing.” From Charlotte and Tamina’s bluntness to Natalya trying to suck up, to a broken Becky Lynch.

Daniel Bryan took notice and invited the Money In The Bank Participants to the ring to announce his decision. Despite the bickering and awkwardness,

Daniel Bryan stripped Carmella of the Money In The Bank Briefcase and also announced a Money In The Bank Rematch, next week for SmackDown Live with James Ellsworth banned from ringside.

Ellsworth confronted Bryan, calling him soft ever since he became a father, and Bryan went off.


It was a happy ending for everyone involved in the Money In The Bank Ladder Match

Except Carmella.

BONUS: Talking Smack is back with Daniel Bryan and it was wonderful.


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