Cheap Pop: Here Comes A New Challenger

Remember Eva Marie? We do! If you’re a fan of The Red Queen,  you have been a bit disappointed since Eva hasn’t been on WWE TV (sans Total Divas) since August. Unfortunately, signs are pointing to Eva Marie not making her triumphant return, but that does not mean she hasn’t been busy.

Eva Marie has kept busy with her NEM clothing line, filming movies, Snapchatting everything and…playing video games?

Tonight at 10PM EST on TBS, Eva Marie will be playing Street Fighter V on ELeague Extra, competing against Shaquille O’Neil , Reggie Bush and Lupe Fiasco (Totally unfair. Lupe knows how to play).

That’s right. The former All Red Everything has gone from wrestling to video games.

Eva has received much criticism for her pro wrestling skills, but what about her video game skills?

Eva is putting in the work!

REALLY putting in the work.

Hopefully Eva’s skills are solid, but even if they aren’t, you have to get her credit for going all in to represent character,  Laura Matsuda.

And if that doesn’t get you on All Red Everything’s side, Eva is representing the American Cancer Society. Hard to boo her now.

…Well. It’s still easy, but good luck anyway, Eva Marie! We’re rooting for you and Laura.

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