Highlight Reel: Ninja Queen

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As you may know, after Bound For Glory, newly crowned Champion Matt Hardy was forced to relinquish his title due to former Champion EC3’s legal injunction. So, TNA devised a tournament for a new championships. Called The World Title Series, TNA put wrestlers into different groups and then they fought each other for points and… listen, we’re falling asleep. Josh Matthews, please explain.

Boring, right? Not the match-ups; we love tournaments! It’s just the bracketology of it all.

The TNA Wrestlers have been doing what they can to make it fun. They’ve had great matches with each other. But the Knockout Division has taken the competition to another lever. Look at Madison Rayne try to get into the head of her next opponent, Gail Kim:

The Killer Queen transformed into the Ninja Queen! via Photoshop!

Courtesy of Madison Raynes' Twitter

and in the cheesiest way possible. Unfortunately, it didn’t help. Gail Kim defeated Madison and, according to the laws of bracketology (which is just a fancy word for math), The Killer Queen has been statistically eliminated from the Knockouts Group in the TNA World Title Series. But like, a true Queen, Madison acknowledged her loss with class.

Let’s see who advances to the round of 16; the only thing we know is they won’t have the same poise, grace and Photoshop skills as Madison Rayne.

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