So That Happened: #RAW Recap (11/16/15)

It’s time for the Survivor Series Go-Home Edition of the RAW Recap. There’s lots to get into, so let’s get started!

Before RAW started, WWE paid a tribute to everyone who suffered from the tragedies in Paris.

Also in the show, WWE took a moment to recognize the passing of Nick Bockwinkel.

RAW officially starts and The Undertaker and Kane come out to the ring with Druids.

The Undertaker and Kane call themselves the true Army Of Darkness. The Undertaker tells The Wyatt Family that vengeance awaits them for trying to claim their souls and that no man, living or dead that can contain the power of the dark side. Kane adds on that at Survivor Series, The Brothers Of Destruction have reserved a special place for The Wyatt Family in the deepest pit of hell. The Undertaker says the two members they have to face at Survivor Series will never Rest In Peace.

Bray Wyatt and The Wyatt Family interrupt. Wyatt says for 25 years The Undertaker has reigned over WWE. Bray Wyatt says 25 years is long enough and that it’s time for a new army of darkness, his army of darkness. Bray Wyatt says the Brothers Of Destruction no longer dictate when wolves howl or when lightning crashes. Bray Wyatt calls himself the Face Of Fear and says after Survivor Series, The Brothers Of Destruction will be remembered as the people Bray Wyatt destroyed.

The One: Bray Wyatt says The Undertaker and Kane’s Creatures Of The Night are now his. After some Wyatt Magic, The Druids appear in The Wyatt Family masks.


The Druids attack The Undertaker and Kane. The Undertaker and Kane take them out with Chokeslams.

Bray Wyatt calms The Wyatt Family down and tells them their date with destiny is on Sunday. Bray’s last warning to The Undertaker and Kane is to Follow The Buzzards.

Now onto the WWE World Heavyweight Title Tournament!

Kevin Ownes vs. Neville is first up in the WWE World Title Tournament Quarterfinals

Neville tries his hardest.

And takes to the air multiple times.

Neville even tries switching it up.

But Kevin Owens gets the victory with a Pop-Up Powerbomb and advances in the tournament.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Dean Ambrose are next in the World Title Tournament.

They are evenly matched for the most part.

After a competitive match, Dean Ambrose gets the win with Dirty Deeds and advances in the WWE World Heavyweight Title Tournament.

After his win, Dean Ambrose goes on a Presidential style speech about not wearing suits as WWE Champion and breakfast and other things important to Dean Ambrose.

Throughout the show, Triple H goes to multiple opponents in the tournament, hoping to find his next guy.


Before Roman Reigns vs. Cesaro, Roman Reigns tells his “Roman Empire” about his quest to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Reigns wants to become Champion and will go through anyone, even his brother Dean Ambrose.

Cesaro starts off the match displaying his athleticism.

Cesaro cranks it up with a springboard uppercut.

And even a Cesaro Swing!

Roman Reigns goes for a Superman Punch, but gets caught with another Uppercut!

But unfortunately for Cesaro, Roman Reigns eventually catches Cesaro with that Superman Punch. And the spear to qualify in the tournament.

In the final tournament match, Kalisto faces Alberto Del Rio.

Alberto Del Rio is very aggressive in the match and even tries to pull off Kalisto’s mask.

Kalisto tries, but fails to defeat Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio qualifies in the World Title Tournament.

Before we get to the Main Event Segment. Here’s are other things going on RAW.

Tyler Breeze has a match…

Against R-Truth?!

R-Truth gets a lot of offense in.

But Tyler Breeze picks up the victory with a Beauty Shot.

The New Day comes out to face Ryback and The Usos.

The New Day complains about The Undertaker’s 25th anniversary. Xavier Woods says the WWE Universe should be celebrating the One Year Anniversary of The New Day. Kofi Kingston is upset that The New Day didn’t get invited to RAW like The Undertaker and interviewed on Sportscenter like The Usos. The New Day bring up Jey Uso’s injury and Big E does his impression of an injured Jimmy Uso. Xavier Woods starts to trash Ryback until Big E cuts him off and tells him, “When Life Gives You Booty, Make Bootyade. ”

During the match, The New Day continues to taunt Ryback and The Usos.

Ryback snaps and beats down The New Day, but The New Day win by disqualification.

And once again, The Dudley Boyz make quick work of The Ascension.

Now onto the Main Event Segment!

RAW closes out with a Paige and Charlotte Contract Signing. Throughout the show, history of Paige and Charlotte’s history was shown.

Michael Cole brings up Paige and Charlotte’s friendships. Paige says there’s no friendships because when you’re a true champion, there’s no room for friendship and emotions, when you want to win the Divas Championship.

Charlotte calls Paige bitter and angry, then talks about the similarities between her and Paige, watching their parents wrestle when they were children. Charlotte says she wanted to be like Paige in NXT, then brings up her late brother, Reid Flair. Charlotte reminds Paige that when he brother passed away, Paige was there for her. Charlotte gets very emotional, says she is in WWE because of him and to fulfill his dream.

Paige tells Charlotte that she has been using Charlotte since Day 1, but Charlotte tells Paige she sucks at it since Charlotte is still Divas Champion. Charlotte tries to tell Paige it’s not about the title and it’s about who has your back at the end of the day. Charlotte brings up Team Xtreme, DX and The Four Horsemen, saying that Team PCB would change the Divas Division. Paige says she threw PCB away because she wanted to be champion. Charlotte says Paige was never a champion because she is not a rolemodel. Charlotte says she won’t be champion forever, but when she loses the Divas Championship, it won’t be this Sunday or to someone like Paige.

Paige calls Charlotte naive and tells her that no one has her back and no one will have her back this Sunday, even her Father, Ric Flair. Paige trashes Ric Flair and calls him an old fart. Charlotte threatens to take Paige out before Survivor Series. Michael Cole tries to get Charlotte to sign the contract, but Charlotte says she will continue to fight just like her Father and her baby brother. Paige tells Charlotte that her little baby brother didn’t have much fight in him.

Charlotte snaps and attacks Paige.


…And since we don’t wanna end on that note. Kevin Owens had a feud with Melissa Joan Hart!

To the point where Melissa Joan Hart got blocked!

This is a much better way to end RAW.

We’ll see you next week! Hopefully with a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion!


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