3 Count: A Little Bit Country

In 3 Count, Three Man Booth will Discuss Wrestling Related Music: Good, Bad & Otherwise

During The New Day’s First Anniversary In-Ring Country Music Jamboree on RAW, Kofi Kingston revealed the awful truth about country music: Country Music sucks. And this is New Day we’re talking about. Their Power of Positivity knows no limits (except for that time Kofi Kingston said that Harry Potter sucked). But they love all music, as long as they can dance to it. Remember when they air-banded Seth Rollins’ theme?

GIF Courtesy of ProWrestlingNow

See? They love music! The New Day is the only group in the WWE that has a horn section!

GIF Courtesy of ProWrestlingNow

So why would they hate country music? It might have less to do with the music and more to do with the music and its involvement of wrestling.

There’s always been some country music in wrestling. And in the WWE / WWF, it’s been in the form of signing cowboys ranging from the Elvis-ish spangly jump-suited The Honky Tonk Man to his protegee, Rockabilly. Even Trevor Murdoch has a little Garth Brooks in him. But, arguably, the most infamous country singer in the WWE has to be Jeff Jarrett.

Photo Courtesy of WWE.com

His WWF debut was 100% Nash Vegas. A lot of glitz, glamor, and light up clothing. Jeff Jarrett even released a song, “With My Baby Tonight:”

but it was all a lie. Mr. J-E-Double F, Ha, Ha, Ha, J-A-Double R-E-Double T didn’t sing a word of that song; it wa shis roadie, aptly named The Roadie, was the true vocal star!

Photo Courtesy of WWE.com

This led to the future Road Dogg appearing on RAW every week, singing, “With My Baby Tonight” every week, just to remind everyone that he’s the real deal. From the fan perspective, this got annoying.

GIF Courtesy of The Internet (Please Don't Sue)

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