I Have ‘Til Five: Halloween Costumes

In I Have ’til 5, 3Man Booth Picks a Topic, then discusses the Five Finer Points Of It.

Halloween may have been on Thursday but the Halloween spirit is not over until the last piece of candy corn is eaten. And our jumbo bag of candy con barely has a dent in it! So, to keep the Halloween festivities going this weekend, we found five of the Best Halloween Costumes from pro wrestlers this year! They are in no particular order; we love them all equally.

Kaitlyn as Naked Sharkboy:


Kaitlyn is the most adorable SharkDiva of all time, turning Halloween into Sharkboy’s second favorite day of the year, the first being Shark Week.

Naomi as the “The Pink Ranger”

2eaqvrnImage courtesy of WWE

Now we know what Naomi is doing when not on Planet Funk. Her watch buzzes and she joins her Power Rangers, Xavier Woods and Su Yung. It’s Morphin’ Time!


Courtesy of su-yung

Chris Jericho as Jebediah Townhouse from Regular Show:


Chris Jericho is the best in the world at what he does. And what he does right now is prove he is one of the biggest and coolest Regular Show fans in the world.

Matt Hardy and Reby Sky as “Fatt Hardy” and a “Carl’s Jr. Sandwich”:

FattHardyText_3MBMatt Hardy proves again when Matt Hardy has the (best and) last laugh at Matt Hardy.

Mark Henry as Rick Ross/Casual Kamala:


Like a Ugandan Boss.

These are all great costumes from the world of pro wrestling, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention one more costume…

Renee Young as “Canadian Tuxedo La Parka”:

2gsg75v (1)Image courtesy of WWE

Renee looks great – as always – and her combination of denim and skeleton is a great idea. But be careful, Renee. We discussed when CM Punk wore bones in the past: copying La Parka, even in denim, is a serious offense. We forgive you; you’re amazing. But remember…


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