Boo This Man: Shawn Michaels

In Boo This Man, ThreeManBooth will call out someone or something that really gripes us.

Undoubtedly, Shawn Michaels is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. He’s a multi-time World / WWE champion. Already inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, he will no doubt be inducted again as part of a founding member Degeneration X (DX). Even when the Heartbreak Kid left his heartbreaking days were behind him, he earned a new moniker: HBShizzle Mr. Wrestlemania. So why is @TheOneTrueViper asking us to boo such a legend like Shawn Michaels?


A good referee is fair, impartial and barely gets noticed during a match. Bad referees are the infamous ones: “Dangerous” Danny Davis, a referee in the WWF during the 80’s and 90’s, would show favoritism to certain wrestlers, allowing illegal double teams and foreign objects to be used without disqualification. Nick Patrick – the first referee to switch from WCW to nWo – would “conveniently” get “muscle spasms” in his counting arm; it would flare whenever an nWo member was pinned. And Earl Hebner who knows what he did.

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Good referees earn any accolades that have nothing to do with their officiating: Charles Robinson is known as “Lil’ Naitch” because of his glorious Flair-like hair; John Cone is the Donut King of Kansas City. Scott Armstrong is #HardBodyRef because have you seen his arms? They deliver 3 Counts with authority! And then there’s Mr. Hell in a Cell, Tim White, who had to retire from refereeing after being thrown into the Cell by someone who will remain nameless / the BEST FRIEND of Shawn Michaels.

So it should have been no surprise when Shawn Michaels superkicked Daniel Bryan at Hell in a Cell in the Hell in a Cell match.

hbkbryangif(What’s surprising is that this small, blurry gif was the only record of this incident our researcher team could find. Apparently, The Authority’s powers extend to the web.) The last time HBK refereed a match, it was at Wrestlemania 28. Triple H challenged The Undertaker and his streak inside a Hell in a Cell. Shawn Michaels – who fought The Undertaker at Wrestlemanias 25 and 26 – was the special guest referee and … SUPERKICKED THE UNDERTAKER!

Maybe the Cell had a post traumatic stress effect on the Heartbreak Kid. He was in the first ever Hell in a Cell match in 1997, against The Undertaker no less; maybe being within the confines of the cell angers the Bad Blood. Or, maybe being in the proximity of The Undertaker makes Shawn Michaels act irrationally. When The Undertaker and Bret Hart battled for the WWF Championship at SummerSlam 1997, Michaels was asked to officiate that encounter. Even though Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart have enough animosity between them to fit on a 2 Disc Blu-Ray set, Michaels didn’t superkick anybody in that match. He did, however, HIT THE UNDERTAKER IN THE HEAD WITH A CHAIR!

Maybe it’s the Pay Per View atmosphere that causes this irrational behavior. If HBK were like any other referee, officiating live events, RAWs and Smackdowns, would he act differently? Well, HBK did referee a Smackdown match, the first Smackdown main event: Triple H v. The Rock. Shawn Michaels was there too, in zebra stripes and short shorts. And  so was the superkick, delivered to The Rock as he was in mid-stride for the People’s elbow [Go to 13:00 for the HBK classic].

Shawn Michaels’ his poor record as a referee goes hand in hand with his legendary wrestler status; his reflex is to Superkick! But there’s a time, a place and an attire. When the stripes are on, superkicks are a no-no. So Boo HBK and his poor refereeing skills!

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But Wait! There’s More: See, we had a choice this time. We could’ve picked Shawn Michaels, but we also could’ve picked Booker T:

Or we could’ve had the ThreeManBooth endorsed, Bob Backlund. So this Boo this Man also goes to the 61% of the WWE Universe that voted for Shawn Michaels!


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Make informed decisions, people!

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If there is someone or something you would like us to Boo, leave us a comment. Or send us a Tweet using the Hashtag #3MBooThisMan.

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