3 Count: Go To Sleep

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Even though it’s been 2 years, CM Punk’s now infamous pipe bomb promo is still a moment that wrestling and non-wrestling fans hold in high regard. The moment that ushered in the Summer of Punk is responsible for much more than a change in wrestling. ThreeManBooth was started, in part, to make wrestling fun again. And we’ve found 3 rap songs that are not only tributes to CM Punk but also incorporate the “Pipe bomb” promo in some way.

Papoose sampled the line, “In anyone else’s hands, this is a microphone; in my hands, it’s a pipe bomb” for the song… “Pipe Bomb.” That’s the extent of the Punk references in the song, though that line is repeated a lot. The rest of the song, I think, is about Papoose being better than everyone else in New York City; he was either inspired by Punk’s proclamation of self or was doing what the majority of rap songs do anyway. Either way, this connection to CM Punk is a step above Papoose other vague wrestling footnote. Bobby Heenan famously referred to the finishing move of Tatanka, Native American Wrestler, as “the Papoose to Go.” He was slyly referencing the similarities between a papoose carrier, a type of baby carriage seen in Native American culture, and a Samoan Drop, Tatanka’s finisher. Regardless, Heenan’s influence is so strong that a generation of wrestling fans and Wikipedia grew up believing that “Papoose to Go” or, alternatively, “The End of the Trail” are actual names for that finisher. Sorry, everyone: they’re just jokes.

Image Courtesy of RingRopeRebellion

CM Punk’s promo affected the wrestling fan differently than it did the hip hop community. Ringrope Rebellion, who are known for expressing their fandom – Zack Ryder, Dolph Ziggler, The Shield – through lyrics, created “Second City Saint” in honor of the … Second City Saint. The pipe bomb becomes one thing in a long list of Punk’s accolades, from his signature moves – the GTS, the Anaconda Vice, and the Pepsi Plunge – to being a Paul Heyman Guy, to his personal edict of a straightedge lifestyle; Ringrope rebellion uses the line “Competition as his only addiction,” which comes from CM Punk’s early ECW promos.

Adam Warrock was introduced to CM Punk after being re-introduced to Wrestling through Chris Haley and Daniel Bryan. Warrock’s first CM Punk match was him versus Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam 2013. This means 2 things: Warrock didn’t have to live through the return of Kevin Nash aka “the Fall of Punk” and the strength of the pipe bomb promo was not limited to that moment in wrestling. Adam taps into more than Punk’s wrestling accolades, connecting on their shared interests in punk music, and being overlooked. On “Yes! Yes! Yes!” Warrock shows the effectiveness of positivity and how it has fueled Daniel Bryan to reach the top of the WWE roster; “GTS” shows how CM Punk has been fueled by the negative of others and a drive to shut all those naysayers up, either verbally through his ‘pipe bombs’ or physically, by hitting the Go to Sleep – his finisher – on his opponents.

Warrock’s pipe bomb sample is a simple statement from CM Punk: “I’m the best. I’m the best in the world!” That statement is an anthem; it’s a belief that Punk strives for with each match and Warrock strives for with each song. The pipe bomb is not the only sample in “GTS.” Warrock also samples Living Colour’s “Cult of Personality,” CM Punk’s current theme song echoing the same anthem feel that Punk’s word do.

It’s been 2 years since the pipe bomb promo and it still has the ability to invoke passionate responses in fans. Papoose, first out of the gate, put himself on Punk’s level. Ringrope Rebellion paid homage to Punk’s litany of accolades. Follow their Twitter and YouTube accounts for more deserving tributes. Warrock’s renewed interest in wrestling created “GTS,” which is not as explicitly about wrestling as “Second City Saint” is or as vague as “Pipe Bomb” is: it appeals to both casual and die-hard wrestling fans. Songs with the same type of balance can be found on his website and on his new album, The Middle of Nowhere, out November 5th.

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