Snapshots: Happy Haleyween

In Snapshots, Three Man Booth searches for images to share

Wrestlers do not have to wait for Halloween to dress up; If they want to pay tribute to superheroes like Superman, BatmanWonder Woman, or Thor, they can through their tights. If they want to show respect to Star Wars (original trilogy only), it turns into a photoshoot or a match. Fans, too, show respect by cosplaying as Wrestlers at Live Events and Comic Cons. But for something special, Chris Haley – friend of the Booth – has come up with unique costumes for some wrestlers. He has drawn the costumes that Wrestlers should wear on top of existing photos to make unique pairings. The first one was a cross between Marvel’s Cable and Wrestling’s Hulk Hogan:


It weirdly works. Cable’s bubble best does not stop Hogan’s 24 inch pythons, whether they be man made or metal, from fighting for he rights of everyman. Haley took a different approach when it came to the Best in the World, CM Punk:

CM Punk as Robin

Along with his other accolades like the longest reigning WWE Champion in 25 years, CM Punk used to include in his Twitter bio that he was Batman. That may be true and certainly WWE fans believe it. Haley took a different approach and turned Punk into the Boy Wonder instead. Yes, CM Punk is sidekick to no one and, if you really think about it, neither is Robin. Who knows what else Chris will come up with? The best way to find out is to follow his Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram. Have some Junior Mints while you browse. It’s Halloween, after all.

Happy Halloween, Everybody!

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