So That Happened: 10/28/13


RAW begins with John Cena.

John Cena hears the boos and said he knows and misses that sound, and that can only mean one thing, he’s back. John Cena asks if they missed him, and he gets a mixed reaction of “YES/NO” chants.

CenaTrollText_3MB John Cena says that there are a lot of people who thinks he came back too early, and he would like to thank those skeptics. That skeptic is JBL. John Cena says that he had to listen to JBL talk about him every week on commentary, then imitates JBL doubting John Cena (poorly.) Cena thanks JBL for the Motivation, then says that JBL was wrong because the New World Heavyweight Champ Is Here.

John Cena says that he’s back not for one match, week, or month; he’s back on Monday Night RAW. John Cena talks about him coming back. Cena’s accent suddenly changes as he starts talking about what the World Heavyweight Championship means and that means he’s back as the “Friday Night Delight” on Smackdown. Cena brings up that he’s not going to Europe for a “Special Appearance” he’s going to fight as the World Heavyweight Champion.

John Cena gets “real” with us, when he explains that he has to put ice on his elbow and talk to doctors, but that’s why they make ice and that’s why they make Doctors, because he is back and ready to go.

John Cena says that there’s going to be another celebration tonight. The celebration of Randy Orton. Cena says we have to hear a lot of people talk so he’s gonna stop talking right now. Cena reminds everyone that he’s back and tells Alberto Del Rio that he knows he has a rematch clause and if he wants some, come get some because The Champ Is Here.

John Cena is interrupted by Damien Sandow!

Damien Sandow says “The Uncrowned Champ” is here, then tells John Cena that he’s not fooling the unwashed masses, then says maybe he is. Sandow says that Cena may be fooling the WWE Medical Staff, but he can’t fool Sandow. Sandow tells Cena that it is physically impossible for a tricep to heal that quickly. Sandow tells Cena he knows what Alberto Del Rio did him, and that the only reason Cena’s out here is to put up a front because he doesn’t want Sandow to cash it in.

Damien Sandow says that since he’s Money In The Bank, he can cash in, whenever he wants, like right now. Sandow teases a cash-in, but says he’ll do it any time but tonight.

Damien Sandow tries to walk away, but John Cena pushes him. Sandow retaliates by viciously attacking John Cena’s arm with the MITB Briefcase

Damien Sandow grabs Cena then says, “RISE ABOVE THIS!” and throws him into the barricade. Sandow grabs Cena and throws him into the steps.

Damien Sandow puts John Cena’s arm on the steel steps then hits Cena’s elbow with the chair!

Damien Sandow cashes in his Money In The Bank!

Match 01: Damien Sandow vs. John Cena (World Heavyweight Championship)

John Cena hits a One-Armed AA on Damien Sandow.

John Cena rolls Damien Sandow back into the ring.

Damien Sandow hits the Terminous Neckbreaker on JohnCena, but only gets a 2 Count.

John Cena tries to do the STF, but can’t due to the injured arm.

John Cena hits a crazy neckbreaker of his own Damien Sandow!

Damien Sandow hits the “You’re Welcome” on John Cena, but only gets a two count.

Damien Sandow locks the Crossface in on John Cena!

Damien Sandow does the Uncle Slam…again.

Damien Sandow goes for the Piledriver, but John Cena counters with the AA.

Winner: John Cena


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