Boo This Man: R-Truth

In Boo This Man, ThreeManBooth will call out someone or something that really gripes us.

We’re used to seeing WWE Superstars promoting their own WWEShop merchandise. Everyone wears their own apparel to the ring with 3 exceptions:

  1. When you’re wearing a Suit
  2. When you don’t have merchandise and wear generic WWE gear
  3. When you’re CM Punk and wear whatever you want.

This past week on RAW, R-Truth appeared in front of a merchandising booth. The last time this happened, he went on a tirade about how Zack Ryder had a t-shirt. Instead of delivering more of the same, he started to hype everyone else’s merchandise available for purchase! This is a WWE violation, Truth! You can’t go from “respecting the beard” of Daniel Bryan’s t-shirt to making oink oink sounds for the WWE Piggy Banks to making oink oink sounds for the Wyatt Family lamb mask, which is wrong for many reasons. Normally, this would go in stride with the RAW Recap but  because of the sheer volume of tweets for the entire show on top of the slew of tweets about this segment alone, we decided to launch our new column, Boo This Man. Twitter, Get Him:

Ladies and Gentlemen….

Courtesy of ilovewrestlinggifs

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