Unprofessional Wrestling: Sitcom-mania

The 3ManBooth DVR records anything with “Wrestling” in the Title or Description. Good or Bad,
We’ll Share Its Unprofessional Wrestling

This Fall TV Season has brought about more sitcoms than past years, all of them are vying to fill the void left by 6 friends in their late twenties / early thirties living in Chicago (We’ll never forget you, Happy Endings!). With all this competition, every show has to do what it can to earn a spot on our DVR. One of ABCs new sitcoms, The Goldbergs, has already earned its spot by appealing to ThreeManBooth’s lowest common denominator: The Simpsons Wrestling!

The Goldbergs is based on videos show creator Adam F. Goldberg took of his family during the 1980’s. Each episode takes place in the year 1980-something, allowing it to jump around the decade adopting pop culture references. The episode “Why’re You Hitting Yourself?” has a a nod to the rise of the Rock n’ Wrestling Era; Adam, played by Sean Giambrone, wears a Hulkamania t-shirt. The kicker is the rest of the episode has nothing to do with wrestling! It’s about scrambled cable channels and match-making. Or something; we stopped paying attention once the red and yellow appeared.

And with that, The Goldbergs has earned a season pass. In truth, the show has so far proven itself to be both funny and heartwarming, showing an awkward family grow up in an awkward decade. And it surely is an improvement on what we originally thought it was going to be: A bio-pic of Bill Goldberg, which we have NO INTEREST in watching or owning on DVD. So, as long as there are references to NON-Goldberg Wrestling and ALF, we have no regrets giving it a Season Pass.

The Goldbergs: 1
Sean Saves The World: 0

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