Why Halloween Matters: Trick-Or-Treat (WWE Style)

In Why (______) Matters, 3MB will defend someone / something
in Wrestling’s history that’s is otherwise a source of embarrassment.

Today is Halloween and believe it or not, Halloween is very important to the world of professional wrestling. Halloween is usually the time of year in wrestling where we are reminded of WCW Halloween Havoc, bizarre characters like The Boogeyman, and WWE Divas fufilling our cosplay fantasies. All of those things do matter in wrestling Halloween, but probably one of the most overlooked Halloween wrestling memories is the debut of a new persona for one of the WWE’s most popular Superstars. If you said Super Stacy, you were wrong, but we don’t blame you. The correct answer is John Cena!

Courtesy of WWE.com

On October 31st, 2002. John Cena dressed up as Vanilla Ice and did his first ever on-screen freestyle rap to Stephanie McMahon. The next week, Cena dropped the “Ninja Rap” philosophy but kept the “Ice Ice Baby” attitude by declaring himself the “Doctor Of Thuganomics” and embracing his new found hip-hop persona. We all thought it was just a phase, but 3 years later, the Vanilla Ice Guy with a doctorate somehow ended up facing Bradshaw (Yes! The guy the guy from the APA) for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania 21!

Ten Years Later, John Cena spends less time practicing free styles and more time practicing for Open Mic Night, but he’s proven in the past that he can still brush off his Thuganomics Degree when he needs to.

Since we assume you’re reading this in costume and we can’t give out candy over the internet, our treat to you is John Cena’s debut rap as Vanilla Ice.

We’ll let you decide if Cena’s rapping and the segment after it, is a trick or a treat. Happy Halloween!

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