So That Happened: #RAW Recap (07/14/14)

Sting makes his WWE debut…(In WWE2K15):

Backstage: Randy Orton asks Triple H about Kane. Orton tells Triple H that he’s getting a bad vibe from Kane. Triple H calls Kane a pawn, but The Authority’s pawn. Triple H says Kane will stick to the plan and make sure Randy Orton walks out as WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Randy Orton asks Triple H that if he’s a plan, there’s no need for a Plan B. Triple H reluctantly agrees.

Goldust and Stardust Speak:

golduststardustCourtesy of prowrestlingnow

Startdust calls Goldust an interstellar road map to the Cosmos. Goldust compares it to the Yellow Brick Road, but says they’re not in Kansas anymore. Goldust tells Stardust that they need to go to the most bizarre place in the universe.

Goldust breathes but Stardust blows dust at him.

stardust2Courtesy of wefightonfridaynight

Goldust bites, and Stardust hisses then says “Stardust.” We are all confused.

Match 05: Cesaro vs. Big E.

Michael Cole mentions that Paul Heyman isn’t with Cesaro. Jerry Lawler mentions he heard Heyman was fired. JBL says that was a rumor, but Cole says he saw Heyman in Richmond today.

Big E. and Kofi Kingston come out next.

Cesaro throws a chair at Kofi Kingston.

20140714_RawGON_Rev3Courtesy of WWE

Cesaro tries to use a chair on Big E., but Kofi Kingston takes the chair from him.

kofichairCourtesy of wefightonfridaynight

Big E. hits the Big Ending on Cesaro.

Winner: Big E.

Chris Jericho Speaks:

After a loud Y2J chant, Chris Jericho welcomes the WWE Universe to RAW is Jericho. Jericho says it feels good to say that because he grew up here and that the WWE ring is home to him.

Chris Jericho says he’s been working in the WWE for 15 years has seen and done it all. Jericho goes through a list of things he’s seen: Yurpel The Clown, Naked Mideon, Three Minute Warning, 5 Second Poses, Big Poppa Pump, Big Bossman, Shawn Michaels, Michael Hayes, Lord Alfred Hayes, Lord Tensai, he’s seen it all.

After another loud “Y2J” Chant, Chris Jericho continues the list of things he’s seen, including: The Undertaker almost getting burned alive by his own pyro, wrestled John Cena in his first PPV, been knocked out by Mike Tyson, Mikey Rourke and Bob Barker. Jericho looks in the camera and reminds Barker that he will still take him on anytime, anyplace,

Chris Jericho reminds the WWE Universe that he is a 9 time Intercontinental Champion and most importantly, he beat The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin in the same night to become the first WWE Undisputed Champion ever. Jericho says he is a 6 time world Champion and also a Musical Chairs Champion.

Chris Jericho says he thought he saw and did everything in the WWE, but this isn’t true because he’s never seen anything like Bray Wyatt. Jericho calls Wyatt an anomaly, a manipulator and an unseeingly unstoppable force, who for some reason has set his sights on Chris Jericho. Jericho doesn’t know why Wyatt is coming after him, but mentions that they’re two opposites facing each other at Battleground. Chris Jericho tells Wyatt that they might have more in common that Bray thinks, and if Wyatt wants to get crazy and nuts at Batleground, Jericho will do the same. A loud “Let’s GetCrazy chant” comes out.

Chris Jericho tells Bray Wyatt that he may have the Whole World In His Hands, but Y2J has got the entire WWE Universe in his hands, with every Jericholic in the area and at home. Jericho calls himself and the Jericholics a true unstoppable force, then gets interrupted by Bray Wyatt.

Bray Wyatt laughs off Chris Jericho’s message then asks him if he remembers what it’s like to be a child full of energy and hope, with no worries. Wyatt says children have fragile minds, but they are struck by the cold hand of life, it makes them different.

Bray Wyatt asks Chris Jericho where was he when they needed him. Wyatt reminds Jericho that he said he would always be there for the them and promised to save everybody, but they remember everything.

Bray Wyatt tells Chris Jericho that he’s gone to war against very powerful men, and along the way he noticed a constant about them. No matter how tough or mean they thought they were, or what they’ve been through, they all scream. Wyatt tells Jericho he will scream next.

Bray Wyatt asks Chris Jericho if he’s afraid of the dark, then cuts the lights off with his lantern.

jerichowyatt01Courtesy of wrestling-giffer

When the lights turn back on, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan are behind Chris Jericho.

jerichowyatt02Courtesy of wrestling-giffer

Luke Harper and Erick Rowan try to attack Chris Jericho, but Jericho ends up sliding out of the ring.

Bray Wyatt attacks Chris Jericho from behind then hits Jericho with the Sister Abigail.

jerichowyatt03Courtesy of wrestling-giffer

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