Cheap Pop: The Authority’s Plan Book: From A-Z

In Cheap Pop, Three Man Booth discusses random topics with a slight historical bend.

This week on RAW, Paul Heyman made a request to The Authority about if “Plan B” doesn’t go well, they should consider his Plan C.  The internet immediately began speculation over what “Plan C” could be, including myself.

By the end of RAW, we didn’t find out what Plan C was, but you’re in luck! A credible source has given us The Authority’s Official Plan Book from A-Z!

tumblr_n7yobewXv91saykaxo2_400Courtesy of hiitsmekevin

The Authority’s Plan Book isn’t full of just Main Event solutions. Some of these plans are used to distract the WWE Universe from the chaos that is going on. Some of the answers may surprise you. Let’s start with…

Plan A – Apex Predator


Plan B – Brock Lesnar


Plan C – CM Punk

EAsjgCourtesy of ilovewrestlinggifs

Plan D – Dave Batista

batistawaveCourtesy of prowrestlingnow

Plan E – Eva Marie


Plan F – Fandango


Plan G – Goldust and Stardust Promo


Plan H – Hulk Hogan Distraction Appearance


Plan I – Intercontinental Championship Battle Royal

tumblr_n8d8yaD0IQ1srbyoyo1_1280Courtesy of prowrestlingnow

Plan J – JTG (If Re-Hired)

jtgwordCourtesy of romario-m

Plan K – Kane


Plan L – Layla’s Relationships


Plan M – Money In The Bank Winner

ambroserollinsaattack01Courtesy of prowrestlingnow

If MITB doesn’t go their way, The Miz.

k10ZTkXCourtesy of Neoseeker

Plan N – NXT

triplehzaynCourtesy of Devittainment

Plan O – One Man Rock Band Heath Slater Randy Orton

tumblr_n169vxAx1F1srbyoyo1_500Courtesy of prowrestlingnow 

Plan P – Promote the WWE Network



tumblr_n7nc5b6dyo1srbyoyo1_500Courtesy of prowrestlingnow

Plan R – Ryder Or Riot Randy Orton

tumblr_n5hnprYlfa1srbyoyo1_500Courtesy of prowrestlingnow

Plan S – Stephanie McMahon Dance Party

stephdanceCourtesy of prowrestlingnow

Plan T – Total Divas Cameos


Plan U – Undertaker (Currently inactive due to Plan B)

tumblr_n1jb5bhv5U1srbyoyo1_500Courtesy of prowrestlingnow

Plan V – The Vaudevillains Viper Randy Orton

OrtonAuthorityCourtesy of prowrestlingnow

Plan W – Actually listening to the WWE Universe


Plan X – D-Generation X

tumblr_m7n2ryxIB41rplmako1_1280Courtesy of wweoutsider

Plan Y – Y2J  Distraction Returns

jerichoreturnCourtesy of wrestling-giffer

And last but not least…

Plan Z – Dolph Ziggler.

zigglewiggleCourtesy of prowrestlingnow

Nevermind. Throw in Randy Orton Again.


And there you have it…The Authority’s Official Plan Book from A-Z!


As always, plans are subject to change, but it will be interesting to see what The Authority does next to make sure WWE goes the way they want it to.

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