So That Happened: #RAW Recap (07/14/14)

America-Russia Detente:

Michael Cole introduces Lana and Rusev, followed by Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger.

Michael Cole asks Lana to elaborate on her feelings about America. Lana decides to speak the Russian, the “better language.”

Lana tells Zeb Colter that he and America are the same because they choose violence to solve all of their problems. Lana mocks America for wanting to be the savior of the world, despite not being able to save themselves. Lana calls America and the WWE Universe stupid.

After a loud USA Chant, Lana starts screaming “Shut Up to America.” Lana continues to mock America and call them stupid, then praises Russia. Lana tells Zeb Colter that they can come to an understanding if they admit their mistakes. Lana gets angry at another USA chant.

Lana tells America to admit their mistakes and apologize then mocks the USA chant.

lanausa02Courtesy of prowrestlingnow

Zeb Colter refuses to apologize to Lana and Bullwinkle (Rusev.) Colter goes through his history as a War Hero for the United States and says he didn’t come back here for two “peglegs” to badmouth his country. Colter says he took a vow to protect the United States from foriegn and domestic enemies. .Colter tells Rusev and Lana that if they’re looking for an apology, the answer isn’t”No,” but “Hell No.”

After a loud USA Chant, Lana tells Zeb Colter that his arrogance is the reason why USA is crumbling to pieces. Lana tells Colter that there is one man that has the remedy to solve and help America’s disastrous situation: Vladimir Putin.

Zeb Colter calls Vladimir Putin an ugly man, then mentions America has a leader too: The President Of The United States. The titantron shows a picture of Barack Obama. Colter says whether they like him or not, he is America’s President and Real Americans always respect the Presidency.

Zeb Colter turns his attention to Rusev. Colter asks when is he going to step away from Lana and accept Jack Swagger’s challenge at Battleground. Rusev takes the mic and after speaking Russian-

After speaking Bulgarian(?), Rusev “declares war” on Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter.

Lana and Rusev start to walk away as Zeb Colter mocks them, saying he always wondered who wore the pants/skirt in their relationship. Colter tells Lana that she needs to teach Rusev 3 words. Colter and the WWE do a loud “We The People Chant.” Lana slaps Zeb Colter.

lanaslapCourtesy of prowrestlingnow

Jack Swagger spears Rusev and the two start brawling.

Lana pulls Jack Swagger’s hair, allowing Rusev gets the upperhand.

rusevswaggerCourtesy of wefightonfridaynight

Rusev goes for his Savate Kick, but Jack Swagger turns it into an Ankle Lock.

swaggeranklelockCourtesy of hiitsmekevin

Rusev and Lana flee as Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter stand tall.

wethepeopleCourtesy of wrasslormonkey

Backstage: Roman Reigns is getting ready, while John Cena is complaining to him about The Authority. Cena asks Reigns if he gets it. Reigns says he gets it, but Cena tells him to get up. Reigns gets in Cena’s face. John Cena tells Roman Reigns that they need to take out The Authority, but first Reigns has to trust him. Reigns tells Cena that he saw what they did to Dean Ambrose, but took out one of theirs, tonight he and Cena will take out all 3 of them. Reigns tells Cena to “Believe That.”

Match 03: Rob Van Dam vs. Alberto Del Rio

Rob Van Dam dives at Alberto Del Rio, but Del Rio catches RVD in the apron.


Rob Van Dam goes for the five Star Frog Splash, but gets countered and put in the Cross Armbreaker.

delriorvd01 delriorvd02Courtesy of vikinglordlesnar

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Match 04: Nikki Bella vs. ???

Stephanie McMahon interrupts Nikki Bella.


Stephanie McMahon comes out tells Nikki that she feels sorry for her because Brie abandoned her after quitting WWE and marrying Daniel Bryan. Stephanie tells Nikki that tonight would have been a tag team match, but can’t since Brie is no longer in the WWE. Stephanie McMahon tells Nikki Bella not to blame The Authority, but to blame her sister, Brie Bella.

Match 04: Nikki Bella vs. Alicia Fox and Cameron

Nikki Bella does the Alabama Slam on Cameron.

nikkislamCourtesy of wefightonfridaynight

Winners: Alicia Fox and Cameron


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