Highlight Reel: Why The Rock would make a great President

We’re not very political on Three Man Booth. We don’t talk wrestling politics. We don’t talk regular politics. We don’t talk about Veep (It’s a great show. You should watch it,) ┬áIt’s not our thing. But when you combine wrestling and politics, we’re all in.

Recently, Former WWE Superstar and everyone’s favorite person, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson stated that he is seriously considering a run for President Of The United States. As you already know, stranger things (also a good show) have happened and stranger WWE alum have already had careers in politics. If Kane can run for Mayor, if Jesse Ventura can run for Governor, if Mike Haggar can be Mayor of Earth, why not The People’s Champ?


We’re not just saying this because we’re wrestling fans. We have actual reasons why we think The Rock will make a good President, courtesy of Three Man Booth member KeepItFiveStar.

You may not agree with us as The Rock as the next President of the United States ,but I think we can all agree on this: The Rock takes a better Stone Cold Stunner than any other President.


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