Everything Is Wrestling: #StreetFighterV and WWE?

In Everything Is Wrestling, we take pop culture and relate to pro wrestling

Street Fighter V was released today for the PS4 and the PC (Sorry Xbox Fans.) Street Fighter games came into the Three Man Booth-iverse in the far distant year of 1992 and we have be obsessed with them ever since. If you have been playing these games for as long as we have, you’ve noticed that there are many pro wrestlers.

Pro wrestling moves

And pro wrestling references.

There’s also a Cammy-canrana.

Since Street Fighter and wrestling are a great Battle Bowl pairing, we decided to take 5 Street Fighter Characters and 5 WWE Superstars to see who would fit well in those universes.

Note: We are aware that almost any character from Street Fighter or any WWE Superstar would make a good fit, but we chose five. We also only chose one wrestler because it’s just not fair to have a group of wrestlers (Unless you’re New Day)

From Street Fighter to WWE:


Sure. We could’ve chosen El Fuerte, R. Mika, Alex, etc, but Zangief is not only a given, but an original.  A pro wrestler for years, Zangief wrestles bears and delivers piledrivers that even John Cena couldn’t kick out of.

It’s only natural that The Red Cyclone finally gets his spot in the WWE. A proud Russian, Zangief would immediately be aligned with Lana and Rusev.

But the alliance would be short lived. Rusev would think Zangief was into the Ravishing Russian, Lana, but according to internet reports, Zangief isn’t interested in girls. He likes…


Or! Zangief could go the complete opposite route and team with The Miz. He is a movie star after all.


He’s big, green, Brazilian and he shocks everyone. You’ve never seen anyone like Blanka, which is why he’s perfect for the WWE. He is a larger than life athlete, who can be a terrifying heel or a lovable big guy baby face.

Like all giants, Blanka seems destined for a team with Kane. An oddball freak show team like that could eventually dethrone The New Day and become the World Tag Team Champions. It’s no Team Hell No, but it’s something for these two long time veterans.


I know. As a die-hard Cammy fan, it’s weird to pick Laura over Cammy, Chun-Li, R. Mika, Karin, C. Viper, Ibuki, Makoto, Elena, Juri, Sakura, Rose, Juli, Juni, etc. But Laura is the new girl and the epitome of what WWE looks for in a Diva: Smart, Sexy and Powerful.

Laura would add an exotic style to the Divas division, with her Brazilian heritage and BJJ fighting style. Add a dose of “sexy Blanka” electricity and you’ve got yourself a WWE Diva and, possibly, a new member of Team B.A.D! They really could use one since “Replacement Sasha” isn’t gonna cut it.


If you take the narcissism of Tyler Breeze, the Crusierweight moves of Kalisto, the psychotic mind of Randy Orton, the pants of Los Matadores and top all that off with a cool mask, You get Vega, the masked Bullfighter from Spain.


Vega  is not only obsessed with beauty, but he also despises anything ugly. He’d have his fill picking apart the aesthetically and non-aesthetically pleasing WWE Superstars. Roman Reigns would definitely be on Vega’s list. So would with Randy Orton. Vega has no problems attacking women, so watch out, the ENTIRE DIVAS DIVISION (even Cameron)! And, although he is good enough on his own, Vega is also a team player. Joining forces with a guy like Tyler Breeze seems up Vega’s alley but the alliance would be short lived; the two would argue over how they look in a selfie.


How could it Ryu NOT be on this list? He’s the star of Street Fighter. The golden boy. The straight laced boring hero (Less boring now with a beard), who is always looking for his next challenge. Ryu loves competition so much that he even game jumped into Super Smash Bros, to beat up some of Nintendo’s favorite mascots.

Ryu would take on any and every competitor in the WWE as long as it satisfied his love for competition. The Undertaker, Kevin Owens, Brock Lesnar? Ryu would battle them all. But, of course, his true test would be against the face who runs the place, John Cena.

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