DVR Is WAR (2/15/16): #RAW Recap

It’s the Go-Home Fast Lane Edition of RAW. And while you should watch all of RAW if you can, here’s what you can watch and skip!


Dean Ambrose opens RAW (04:09)

Dean Ambrose wants another shot at the beast but the Boss, Stephanie McMahon comes out instead.

She calls Dean’s “victory” over Lesnar cheap and if Roman wasn’t there, it wouldn’t have happened. To prove her point, Stephanie puts Dean Ambrose in a Fatal 5way match for the Intercontinental Championship and add the stipulation that if Roman Reigns interferes in this match, Ambrose is out of the main event at Fastlane.

WATCH: Fatal 5way for the IC Title (11:00)

Dean Ambrose versus Kevin Owens versus Stardust versus Tyler Breeze versus Dolph Ziggler! Owens and Ziggler pick up right where they left off last week. Everyone else is swinging for the fences to take each other out. Ziggler hits a Superkick, Stardust hits Beautiful Disaster, Tyler Breeze hits the Beauty Shot. Kevin Owen Powerbombs Tyler Breeze onto Ziggler and Stardust! In the final stretch, Dean Ambrose puts Stardust in Dirty Deeds, Ziggler hits the ZigZag on Dean Ambrose while he’s hitting Dirty Deeds on Stardust. Breeze disposes of Ziggler just to walk into a Pop-Up Powerbomb from Owens.

WATCH: The Renee Young Interviews (36:25)

First, Renee interviews Dean Ambrose having just lost the Intercontinental title. Dean is upset that he lost the title but looks on the bright side: this means that his hands are free for something bigger.

Then, Kevin Owens interrupts into Renee, asking her to admit that Kevin Owens was right about being the champion again.

Then, Dolph Ziggler interrupts Kevin Owens’ interruption to congratulate Owens on the job well done. He then challenged Owens to a title match at Fastlane. Owens responds, “nah.”

WATCH: New Day speaks (39:29)

The New Day announce they are going to be the guests on Edge and Christian’s talk show, The Cutting Edge Peep Show. It’s going to be Trombones versus Kazoos 2: This time it’s personal! Then they talk about the travesty of last week: how Mark Henry rejected being the World’s Strongest Unicorn to become the World’s Largest Bootyhole instead.

SKIP: Big E versus Mark Henry (48:22)

It’s a fun match though Kofi and Xavier seem to be having more fun outside the ring than Big E is having inside the ring. There’s a moment when Big E declares himself to be “Mark Henry’s Daddy” and he hits series of running splashed on Henry. Then, while going for the Big Ending, Mark Henry appears to be injured.

Big E gets the win but, more importantly, Get well soon, Mark!

SKIP: Brie Bella interview (58:10)

Byron Saxton interviews Brie Bella to get her side of Daniel Bryan’s retirement last week (and to learn more about Daniel Bryan). Charlotte comes out to suggest that Brie should forfeit her match at Fastlane so she can go home and make goat faced vegan babies with Daniel. Brie kicks Charlotte as a response.

SKIP: Chris Jericho comes to join the announce team (1:08:37)

He’s wearing a vest.

MUST WATCH: The Miz versus AJ Styles (1:16:00)

The Miz is the surprise here. He’s fired up to get revenge on AJ Styles for knocking it out his tooth. AJ responds in kind. Plus, Chris Jericho is a nice change on commentary.

The Miz makes his offense look even more painful than before, especially his short DDT.

AJ Styles delivers flying forearms from all angles! But it’s the Calf Crusher that AJ applies to the Miz as a counter to the corner clothesline that gets the win for the Phenomenal One.

Post match, AJ challenges Jericho to Styles/Jericho III. Jericho has to think about it but will give his answer on Smackdown.


SKIP: The Dudleyz speak (1:36:53)

If you want to watch the Dudley Boyz put people through tables, watch the WWE Network! If you want to watch the Dudleyz talk about how they’re not putting people through tables anymore, watch RAW!


SKIP: Paige versus Summer Rae (1:46:23)

It’s nice to see Paige and a surprise to see Summer on RAW. They both seemed off during the match. Summer Rae picked up the win on a surprise reversal, shocking everyone.

WATCH: Paul Heyman Speaks (1:56:10)

Heyman is confident that his client, BROCK LESNAR, will be victorious against Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns at Fastlane. More importantly, Paul Heyman has something to say to Reigns’ face.

Heyman says that Roman can’t beat Brock Lesnar at Fastlane but Roman has an equally difficult challenge at Fastlane. Roman has to choose between the promise he made to his daughter, his family, and his “brother” Dean Ambrose, his friend. Those that choose friends over family end up in divorce court. Those that choose family over friends end up alone, even at the end of Wrestlemania.

That’s Roman’s dilemma. Roman says that he made a choice a while ago and he pays the price every night. And so did Dean Ambrose. That’s why they’re as close as they are and that’s why they’ve faced each other before (Roman won). And that’s why Roman will do it again at Fastlane.

Paul and Roman shake hands. Then the Dudleyz attack Reigns!

Then, Dean Ambrose comes to ringside to save Reigns! After the ring is cleared, Dean goes for a Dirty Deeds on Roman Reigns but let’s go!

He’s just keeping Roman on his toes… maybe…


NOTED: The Vincent J. McMahon Legacy of Excellence Award (2:10:29)

Next week, there will be an award given out. According to official, no one has deserved this award until now.

SKIP: Heath Slater versus Zack Ryder (2:16:01)

Heath Slater and his squad, The Social Outcasts, beat Zack Ryder and his beard.

SKIP: R-Truth and Goldust segment (2:19:52)

R-Truth is on a date; Goldust pretends to be his waiter. A bottle of Champagne needs to be opened and… you see where this is going.


The Lucha Dragons (Sin Cara and Kalisto) and Neville versus The League of Nations (Rusev, Del Rio and Sheamus with Wade Barrett) (2:26:46)

These Superstars never disappoint, especially high fliers like The Lucha Dragons and Neville. But it’s all done to set up Kalisto versus Alberto Del Rio at Fastlane. Plus, the high flying move of the match was Alberto Del Rio hitting a Guillotine Stomp on Sin Cara!

WATCH: Booker T promo (2:39:21)

SKIP: Alberto Del Rio challenges Kalisto to a 2 out of 3 falls match (2:47:35)

That’s it. Wait! Rusev says, “I go see Lana” as he’s leaving.

SKIP: Naomi versus Becky Lynch (2:48:38)

Normally, watching Naomi versus Becky Lynch is the next best thing to playing Street Fighter, especially with Naomi hitting those Speedball Bailey / Chun-Li lightning kicks but The BOSS isn’t at ringside for this one.

Becky picks up the win with the Disarmher before Tamina attacks.

WATCH: The BOSS comes to Battle! (2:52:57)

Sasha stomps down to ringside, taking her earrings off with in one fell swoop. Tamina delivers a Samoan Drop to Becky before she and Naomi leave the ring for higher ground. These four will face each other at Fastlane.

SKIP: The Wyatt Family speaks (3:00:33)

Bray Wyatt says a lot things. Bottom line: he offers us paradise if we all bow to him. We have to make a choice or he’ll be forced to make a choice for us. He made a choice for Kane; he made a choice for The Ryback. Braun Strowman will make a choice for The Big Show: Wake up or Run.

Skip: Big Show versus Braun Strowman (3:05:50)

They do “Big Guy Stuff:” thundering blows, clubbing each other in the corner. Eventually, the Big Show get the upperhand so…

WATCH: Remember the Titans! (3:09:06)

The rest of the Wyatt Family attack the Big Show. The Ryback runs out to save Big Show!

The Wyatts take down The Ryback too. KANE emerges from the ring!


He rallies The Big Show and Ryback! A Kane/Big Show double chokeslam on Luke Harper! Together, they clear the ring of the Wyatt Family!

WATCH: The Stone Cold Podcast with The Big Show (WWE Network)

It’s really good!

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