So That Happened: #TotalDivas Recap (02/16/16)

Oh, cool! You’re back! Just in time for an all new Total Divas Recap! Let’s get started.

Baby Showers and Bellabrations:

Nikki is 2 weeks away from becoming the longest reigning Divas champion in WWE history. This could be the crowning moment in her career.

The 3 Amigas have brunch. Rosa asks a serious question: if Rosa holds her breath does that mean that the baby can’t breathe?

Nattie meets a fan. She signs his shirt. They take a selfie together and he accidentally cops a feel. Nattie shakes it off saying she’ll about giving back and that he made her night. Then Nattie shares this development with Mandy and Eva Marie.

Mandy asks Nattie if Nattie would train with her at the Performance Center. Nattie’s only home for one and half days but she’s willing to work with Mandy.

Total Divas Brunch: Paige, Foxy, Rosa, Mandy, and Eva Marie.

Foxy and Paige announce that they are throwing Rosa a baby shower at Foxy’s house. They are very excited. It’s going to be a baby party and not a baby shower; showers are boring.

The Bellas are at Brie and D-Bry’s house. Nikki is stretching out her neck since Daniel Bryan has a bunch of stretching equipment and technique that will help Nikki. Mama Bella thinks that Nikki should change her style and stop doing the Rack Attack. Nikki reveals that he Rack Attack has been affecting Nikki’s neck and spine.

The 3 Amigas go to the Party Shop to get baby shower supplies. But Paige wants to get more gothic-y stuff, partly because she knows Bobby, Rosa’s boyfriend, and partly because it’s a baby party! They are going for more of a haunted baby shower theme but that’s not what Rosa wants.

Mandy’s in the performance center training with Eva Marie AND BAYLEY! Eva mentions that Jonathan got a social media guy to photograph and record he and Eva. Social Media in the WWE is very important (follow @3ManBooth on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and Facebook)

Nikki and Cena are having dinner, eating oysters. Cena was able to get some fitted suits while in New York. He doesn’t want to tell Nikki the number of suits. He got 55 suits. Nikki says it’s a lot but the first one looks incredible.

Nikki’s back starts to spasm. She asks John to rub her back during dinner. Cena says they should leave if Nikki’s in pain.

In Orlando, Eva Marie invited Mandy for a scheduled video suit with their social media guy. They’re laying out by a pool in bikinis while their guy takes photos. Don’t worry; Jonathan and Michael are there. When they’re near the edge of pool, Eva “accidentally” knocks Mandy into the pool.

Nikki is working out with Sheamus. Sheamus is selling his house. Nattie joins them. When doing a back / neck workout, Nattie says that it’s hard and asks Nikki to take it easy. Nikki tells Rob that she’s hurting so she’s going to stop the workout. Rob says that if it’s this serious, she needs to see someone.

Backstage, Nattie is talking about how she’s THE cat lady. She says her cat is better than Paige’s cat. Paige says that her cat is better. They playfully shove each other.

Backstage, Rosa tells the Bellas (mainly Brie) that Foxy and Paige are throwing the baby shower. She says that’s it’s a haunted Halloween baby shower. Brie asks if that’s what Rosa wants. Then she scolds Foxy for not throwing Rosa the party that she wants.

In the car, he Bella twins wonder if they yawn the same. Nikki mentions that she’ll tie the record on Monday and if she goes beyond Monday, she is in the history books. They’re on their way to see one of Daniel Bryan’s doctors. He’s going to relax the tension by injecting ozone gas into the inflamed areas. The doctor advises that Nikki take time off to heal that area of her body. Brie sees the pain that Nikki is in and wants Nikki to take care of her body first.


At the performance Center, Nattie is working out, waiting for Mandy. It’s her day off and she wants to help Mandy but no Mandy. Eventually, Mandy arrives. Nattie asks Mandy to warm up. She’s asking about what shoes to wear and isn’t prepared.

Nattie wants to start with a lock-up but Mandy wants to take a selfie.

Nattie is worried that Mandy is more caught up in image rather than skill. Nattie scolds Mandy about wasting her time.


Mandy apologies to Nattie. She’s a hard worker and wants to prove herself. Also, she reveals she’s late and that she ran into someone on the way here.

Nattie apologizes and gives Mandy a hair-elastic so they can get started. They get in the ring and Nattie runs Mandy through some drills.

The 3 Amigas are in the car. Paige gets the news that she’s going to be on Conan. But it’s the same day as the baby shower. Foxy says they can move the date of the baby shower. Rosa would like to move the baby shower to California since it’s a long way for Rosa to travel to Florida. Her family can get to California from Vancouver much easier as well. Foxy is sympathetic to Rosa’s pregnancy but the other Divas have been trying 5 – 7 days a week, sometimes 18 day loops with no home time; Rosa has been travelling 2 days a week. Rosa thinks Foxy is the only one being selfish.


In the car, Nattie tells Nikki that the NXT girls text Tyson Kidd for advice about their matches. Nattie didn’t realize how much pain Nikki was in. Nikki has a high tolerance. Nattie tells her to power through the pain, within reason. Nikki wants to her name to be remembered forever in the WWE.

Backstage at RAW in Memphis, Rosa tells Mandy about all the Baby Shower drama. Rosa wouldn’t make Foxy travel across the country for a baby shower if she were pregnant. Rosa is stewing.

The Bellas and Nattie are talking about the treatment that Nikki had. She feels better and isn’t in the same level of pain. Nikki feels like it’s her moment and she should take it.

Rosa finds Foxy in catering with Paige (and Dolph Ziggler). Rosa wants to talk to Foxy. Alicia thinks Rosa is being rude to her. Alicia wants to check her calendar before changing locations. Rosa does not want to be yelled at while pregnant. It’s not good for the baby.

Paige tells Foxy to talk to Rosa with a chilled mind; it will chill Rosa too. Foxy and Rosa talk again. Staying chill doesn’t work. Rosa says that if it’s too much, then Foxy doesn’t have to organize it. Paige points out that when Rosa gets angry, she cries; when Foxy gets angry, she gets stubborn. Foxy says fine and she’s done.

On RAW, Nikki Bella is hours away from becoming the longest reigning WWE Divas champion of all time. Nikki is more nervous than she is in pain. All the Divas are watching, either backstage (Mandy, Rosa, Nattie) or ringside (Team Bella, Team PCB). [Team BAD is watching on a monitor somewhere, presumably]. Nikki and Charlotte face off. Nikki is the champion and will stay fearless and fight like a champion … by Cheating! Foxy causes a distraction; Nikki and Brie do Twin Magic. Brie goes for a roll-up, which Charlotte reverses and gets the Pin and the WIN of the Divas Championship!!!

Or so we thought. Stephanie McMahon comes out declares the match a disqualification. Charlotte can’t win the Divas championship by pinning the sister of the Divas Champion. So Nikki is still the champion and, after 9 years of hard work, is now the longest reigning Divas Champion in the history 0f the WWE!

Brie Bella is really happy for her sister.

It’s time to celebrate! The Divas (and Dolph Ziggler) are at the Bellabration! Dolph asks if Nikki has “broken” in her title. But there’s still tension between Rosa and Foxy. They can’t even sit next to each other. Brie gives a speech about her sister Nikki and her heart, dedication and passion in wrestling.

Then they all toast to Women’s Wrestling. Foxy has something she has to say to Rosa, even if it’s at the Bellabration. She gets up to deliver a toast, but it’s not a toast: she doesn’t know what it’s like to be pregnant but she does know what it’s like to be a woman. She’s sorry for not making Rosa feel comfortable and good. Rosa forgives Foxy.

At the end of the day, we’re all family, which is perfect for hazing Amanda.

She’s asked a bunch of questions

Question: Who is the Hottest Wrestler?

Answer: Dolph Ziggler (“Cheers to me!” – Dolph Ziggler)

Question: What do you think so far?

Answer: It’s been amazing.

Question: How long are you willing to invest in becoming a WWE Diva

Answer: Willing to put in the time to get there, at least 10 years.

Question: Would you rather be Divas Champion or have a Reality Show?

Answer: Divas Champion.

Nattie is impressed that Mandy is holding her own.

Question: Who would she be in a long-term relationship with someone at this table?

Answer: Nattie.

Nattie is even more impressed. Paige confirms that all the Divas respect her.

That’s it for our Total Divas Recap. Can’t wait to see what happens next week.

Oh wait! How could I forget?

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