DVR Is RAW (02/22/16): #RAW Recap AKA Return Of The Mac

We are definitely on the Road To Wrestlemania. This week, we tell you what to watch, skip and check out if you have time on RAW. And this was a RAW you definitely wanted to watch.


Recap of WWE Fastlane Main Event match (0:00)

Especially if your WWE Network stream skipped a lot.

WATCH: Dean Ambrose is attacked by Brock Lesnar (6:05)

They show the WWE Facebook video of Dean Ambrose arriving to the Joe Louis arena. Then Brock Lesnar coming from out of nowhere to attack Dean and powerslam him onto the front windshield of a limousine. Dean Ambrose is taken to a medical facility in an ambulance.

WATCH: The Vincent J. McMahon Legacy of Excellence Award (8:35)

Vince promises that this is night we won’t ever ever forget. Vince heads to the ring to talk about the history of the McMahons – over 100 years in the wrestling sports entertainment business – and how there is someone finally deserving of this reward of excellence. Someone with a great business mind and a warm soul. That person is Stephanie McMahon!

She starts her acceptance speech, thanking her husband, the WWE World Heavyweight Champion Triple when –


Shane McMahon appears on RAW!! Everyone loses their minds! This is the surprise of the year (so far!)


The crowd chants


“HOLY SHANE!!” [Fine: they said another word]



Vince goes to hug Shane; Shane refuses.

Vince goes to shake Shane’s hand; Shane refuses.

Shane says that Stephanie is not deserving of this award. Stephanie says that she and her husband have been running a billion dollar company. Shane says that while the WWE has been in her control, it’s been on a decline: the ratings, the stock, the injuries, etc.

And Stephanie doesn’t know that Vince and Shane cut a deal several years ago. Shane never lost his place in line and the reason that Stephanie has been able to climb so high is because Shane let it happen.

Stephanie asks Vince if it is true. Vince wants to have a word with Shane and asks Stephanie to leave the ring. Shane says it’s all true and “best for business.”

Vince asks Shane to name his price. Shane says it’s not about money. It’s about Legacy. Shane is 4th generation and has created the 5th generation with 3 boys at home.

Shane wants the business to be around for future generations, so he wants control of Monday Night RAW.

If Shane controls Monday Night RAW, he controls the entire company. Vince says that what Shane wants is a fight. So he offers him one: Vince wants Shane to compete at a time of Vince’s choosing against an opponent of Vince’s choice. Shane makes that deal with the devil again.

The Time: WrestleMania 32, April 3, 2016

The Place: AT&T Stadium

The Opponent: THE UNDERTAKER!!!

Also, it’s going to be in HELL IN A CELL!!!


Welcome Back, Shane!

WATCH: The Lucha Dragons and Neville versus The New Day (36:48)

It’s arguably the match of the night. The crowd is still reeling from return of the MAC but The New Day and Neville do their best in the ring.

Xavier Woods is really impressive in the ring (we really don’t get to see him wrestle enough) and out of the ring; Even after getting beaten up, he still plays the trumpet from the ground! The agility of all 6 wrestlers is truly impressive, especially Big E!

But The Lucha Dragons and Neville fire back with an aerial assault.

New Day survives it long enough for Kofi Kingston to pull Sin Cara’s mask and catch him with Trouble in Paradise for the victory.


Roman Reigns interview (55:30)

Roman Reigns is backstage getting updates on Dean Ambrose instead of avenging his friend’s near death. He should be happy; he’s going to Wrestlemania. Roman knows that it’s going to come down to him and Triple, fists and heart. Roman likes his odds.

WATCH: BROCK LESNAR speaks via Paul Heyman (1:01:45)

Paul Heyman declares this the main event of the evening because any segment that includes Brock Lesnar is the Main Event!

Brock Lesnar took both Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose to Suplex City. Roman Reigns was seconds away from tapping out to Brock Lesnar when Dean Ambrose turns the wrestling match into a street fight by hitting Brock Lesnar repeatedly with steel chairs. This pissed off Brock Lesnar. What’s worse is that Dean Ambrose takes himself out of the equation for Wrestlemania. Brock Lesnar – the God of retribution – took his revenge on Dean Ambrose, taking Dean out of Wrestlemania altogether.

Paul then says that Dean Ambrose is one of those crazy parkour kids doings flips and crazy things until a mack truck hits them. Paul Heyman destroys a microphone! Paul declares that there is an F5 about to tear through the WWE lockerroom all the way to Wrestlemania.

WATCH: Dean Ambrose appears (1:11:30)

An ambulance drives into the arena and out from it crawls Dean Ambrose.

He’s banged up – bad – but still coming at the Beast. Dean Ambrose collapses at the feet of Brock; Brock steps right over him.

Dean grabs a microphone and challenges Brock to a No Holds Barred Street Fight at WrestleMania 32.

Brock accepts by delivering an F5 to Ambrose on the floor!

SKIP: The Usos versus The Ascension (1:19:40)

The Dudlyz show up to talk trash about the Usos father, Rikishi.

This fires them up as they take on the Ascension. A Samoan Superkick Party to a flying Viktor and an Uso splash later, the Usos win.

SKIP: Chris Jericho heads to the ring (1:30:55)

Chris Jericho talks about AJ Styles and invites him to the ring.

Jericho doesn’t like AJ Styles but he does respect him. And Jericho congratulates AJ Styles on proving that he belongs in the WWE and that he truly is phenomenal. They shake hands when. The Social Outcasts interrupt (1:37:40) and make fun of the friendship between AJ Styles and Jericho or “Y2AJ,” as Adam Rose calls them. Jericho and AJ Styles make their friendship official and decide to have a match.


Jericho and AJ Styles vs The Social Outcasts (1:43:40)

AJ Styles is in the WWE, guys. It’s still pretty surprising to watch him mix it up with the likes of Heath Slater and Curtis Axel. And Jericho looks pretty good too! Y2AJ picks up win: Jericho puts the Walls of Jericho Chris Jericho while AJ Styles takes out the rest of the Social Outcasts with a springboard plancha to the floor!

SKIP: Stephanie and Triple H backstage (1:50:15)

Stephanie is mad that Shane McMahon is back. Triple H says that Shane always has been but always will be a failure. Tonight might not have started out the way they wanted to but it will end that way. This has something to do with Roman Reigns.

SKIP: Stephanie tells Roman Reigns he has to fight Sheamus (1:54:36)

Stephanie stops Roman from checking on Dean to tell him that he has a match with Sheamus. Also, the League of Nations will be at ringside. Byyeeeee!

SKIP: Goldust and R-Truth in the locker room (1:55:55)

Goldust makes R-Truth an apology cake. R-Truth shoves the cake in Goldust’s face, the fate of every pastry ever in the WWE.

HARD SKIP: The Wyatts versus Kane, The Big Show and the Ryback (1:58:10)

It’s the match you skipped during Fastlane, this time on RAW!

WAIT: The Detroit Crowd chants “Gillberg” at The Ryback (2:08:00)

Except for this. The Detroit crowd pulls no punches. While everyone else chants “Goldberg” at The Ryback (2:07:30), they switched it up and chanted “Gillberg” instead!

WATCH: The Ryback leaves the match (2:18:15)

Kane is taking out everyone in the Wyatt Family. The Ryback decides to leave abruptly.

It’s enough of a distraction for Bray to hit Sister Abigail on Kane and get the win.

SKIP: The Ryback explains himself (2:24:39)

The Ryback doesn’t have anything to prove being in tag teams. The spotlight by himself. He wants the brass ring.

WATCH: Sasha Banks versus Naomi (2:25:30)

Sasha and Naomi run the gamut of women’s wrestling, even incorporating hair pulling into wrestling moves, snatching them edges! Both Divas mirror each others a few times, hitting forearms and kicks at the same time. They also press the steal taunt button once of twice.

When Sasha gains the advantage, Tamina interferes (again!). Becky Lynch runs to ringside to even the odds. Sasha catches Naomi with the Bank Statement for the victory!

WATCH: The Divas Champion (2:34:15)

Charlotte comes to ringside, sporting Nikki Bella-esque ring gear and mini-YES! taunts, to announce that the winner between Sasha and Becky will face Charlotte at WrestleMania, driving a wedge between them.

Plus Ric Flair slap chops himself to Charlotte’s theme!

WATCH: The League of Nations Bro Out! (2:36:43)

Sheamus looks genuinely happy to see his friends, Alberto Del Rio, Rusev and Bad News Barrett. Then they hype Sheamus up for his match against Reigns. It’s 30 seconds of intense Bromanticism!

SKIP: Vince and Stephanie Backstage (2:43:07)

Vince sees the bigger picture. Wrestlemania has another main event. It’s a calculated risk.

SKIP: The Godfather will be in the WWE The Hall of Fame 2016! (2:44:27)

The Bleacher Report broke the news earlier in the day so odds are you already know.

Just listen to the Godfather’s theme instead.

SKIP: Roman Reigns versus Sheamus (2:45:19)

As much as Stephanie talked up the League of Nations being at ringside they don’t do much. Rusev gets in one nice kick on the outside.

Then the League are sent to the back – during the commercial break! – while Sheamus fends for himself. He smartly works the arm / shoulder that Brock Lesnar put the Kimura Lock on the night before. Both Superstars end up the outside. Roman barely makes it into the ring before –

WATCH: Triple H attacks Roman Reigns (3:01:06)

Triple H is wearing jeans, a t-shirt, a leather jacket and taped fists! He’s ready to fight.

Roman meets him head-on, even knocking Triple H into the time keepers’ area. Triple H jabs Roman Reigns in the throat with the ring bell!

He then rams Roman Reigns’ head into the announce table repeatedly until Roman is busted open!

But Trips is not done: he Pedigrees Reigns on the ring steps before the referees finally gets Triple H away from Roman.


Then Trips mocks Roman but miming Roman’s fist gesture and then does the crotch chop!

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