So That Happened: #TotalDivas Recap (02/23/16)

It’s time for an all new Total Divas Recap! Awkwardly grab your friends and let’s get started.

Alicia Fox Gets It Together (Sorta):

Paige runs into Rosa backstage. Paige got a report that a video of a bar incident between her, Alicia Fox and a patron is going viral on the Internet. Paige says that Social Media gets her in trouble; she swore once and it trended.

Paige and Foxy have to meet with Carano about the situation. They know he’s going to be pissed. Turns out, Carano isn’t pissed! He’s doing damage control. Still, Alicia Fox feels ‘ick’ about the situation; she thinks a lifestyle change needs to happen in order to protect her reputation.

Foxy, Paige, Rosa and Mandy are leaving the arena in Tulsa. Fans surround their car. Even the security wants to take photos with them. Rosa is surprised, “Do they know who we are?” Paige corrects her. “They know who we are,” referring to Paige and Foxy, certainly.

Foxy will be visiting Paige in Orlando and wants to go furniture and clothing shopping as part of her lifestyle change. Foxy is approaching 30 and she’s going through a period self-reflection. Paige wants to take Foxy to her favorite bar and “party like it’s 1999.” Foxy reminds her it’s 2015: the year of the lifestyle change!

In Orlando, Foxy is super excited to go to the furniture store. But first, Paige wants to get some food. Foxy agrees to getting a quick bite. Paige orders mimosas right away.

Foxy tries to veto the drinks but Paige thinks having one drink is fine for furniture shopping. One drink quickly turned into two; plus, their waiter wants to know what they’re doing afterwards. Paige wants to go to a bar and karaoke, not furniture shopping. The waiter mentions Dirty Bingo, where they auction off… adult products. Paige is in!

Dirty Bingo turns out to be Senior Citizen Bingo. But that’s okay: Paige has a plan.

Paige is joking with everyone in there. Foxy thinks it’s hard to being friends with someone who is 22 when she’s nearing 30. A female Bingo goer asks Paige to not encourage the old men. Alicia responds by asking the Bingo player if she likes to party. Her response? “Why not, I’m not dead!” When they realize that the furniture store closes in 5 minutes, Paige decides they’re not going.


At a bar, Foxy is tired and cranky because they didn’t go to the furniture store. She and Paige are two different people with two different perspectives. Foxy leaves the bar while Paige and her roommate get shots from the bar.

Foxy is on Paige’s couch and doesn’t want to talk to Paige. She’s really really mad. Foxy is taking the lifestyle change seriously and wants to come to a new chapter of maturity. She doesn’t want to be a ‘party chick.’ She wants to have a reputation to fall back on. At the same time, she doesn’t want to take away from Paige’s fun. Right now, she needs some support right now. Paige isn’t ready to settle down but, because of her friendship with Foxy, she wants to be there for her. Today sucked but Paige is going to there for Foxy tomorrow and forever!

The next day, Paige takes Foxy on a surprise trip to the taxidermy store. Foxy loves taxidermy stuff, even though it terrifies Paige.


But… the furniture store is closed today so… you have to be there for your friend. Paige even bought Foxy a skull because that’s how much she loves her!

Crisis of Faith

Backstage at RAW, the Bellas run into Rosa. Rosa’s stressed because it’s Meet the Parents, Total Divas style: Bobby will be meeting Rosa’s Mom and Rosa will be meeting Bobby’s Dad. Rosa wants her Mom – a devout Christian – to know Bobby first before finding out that he’s an atheist. The Bellas think that once that information is out in the open, Rosa will feel better.

In California, Bobby and Rosa go on a food run. Rosa is coming up with a few things she’s going to make; Bobby thinks it’s too much. Bobby is happy to have Rosa in his life and their future child, Jordan, is putting him on another level. While getting food for them (no kale!) Rosa asks Bobby to not mention his atheism while her Mom is around. Rosa wants Bobby to hold her hand while she prays with her Mom. Bobby says that if Rosa’s Mom is a good Christian, she won’t judge him for his beliefs. The question of baptism comes up: Rosa wants to baptize Jordan and Bobby is completely against it.


At Rosa’s and Bobby’s, Rosa wants to baby proof the house. Bobby points out that the baby isn’t due for a while and the baby is also far from moving about the house. Rosa wants Bobby’s Dad to be really impressed if they’re ready early. Bobby thinks his Dad will think she’s crazy. Rosa also hires someone to come over and prepare the dinner that Rosa will tell everyone she made. She really wants to impress Bobby’s Dad.

Rosa’s Mom arrives. Rosa shows off the food she’s made (wink) and the baby proofing she’s started (wink, wink). Even Rosa’s Mom thinks the baby proofing is a little too soon.

Bobby’s Dad arrives, bringing flowers. Everyone is hitting it off. They sit down for dinner and – uh-oh! – Rosa’s Mom asks Bobby to lead the prayer. Bobby says that everyone else can pray but he doesn’t pray. They deliver the news. Bobby doesn’t believe in God. Rosa leads the prayer; Bobby doesn’t participate.

Rosa finds out that Bobby’s Dad doesn’t like fajitas. Good to know: Rosa almost made fajitas for dinner. Rosa’s Mom asks about the baptism. She believes that’s the first thing you have to do. Bobby starts to explain his position. He then steps out because he feels awkward and weird.

He doesn’t understand why this issue has to be brought up. He doesn’t want to ruin dinner but he’s not going to change his opinion. They’re not going to stress about the issue now. Rosa loves Bobby but, as of now, Rosa’s Mon has written Bobby off. She’s not sure what she’s going to do. Bobby’s Dad thinks they’ll be fine; this is a minor bump in the road.


Sleepless Nikki

In Buffalo, NY, Nikki and Brie are staying at a historic hotel. Nikki decides to pay homage to Marilyn Monroe by straddling an air vent for a makeshift photo shoot. She may or may not have accidentally flashed the guys outside.

John Cena is hosting The Today Show this week and, with Nikki’s schedule, she will not be able to join him. Nikki plans to stay at Brie’s house. Brie says that – no offense –Nikki has worn out her welcome. Brie points out that Cena affectionately calls Nikki ‘The Needy Monster’ because she doesn’t like to be alone.

Brie says it’s not fair for Nikki to always stay at her place because she’s married. Nikki calls Brie out for throwing that in her face all the time.

In the ring, Cena takes on Seth Rollins in the US Open Challenge. During the match, Rollins hits Cena with a knee strike that breaks Cena’s nose! Nikki, backstage, is freaking out. Cena’s nose is on the side of his face but he keeps wrestling! Cena wins the match, even telling the doctors in the ring, “I’m okay.” Nikki, though, is not.


In Tampa, Nattie – bringing gifts – visits Nikki and Cena, who had emergency surgery to put his nose back. Cena – off camera – tells Nikki that he loves her and thanks Nattie for coming over. Cena’s injury worries Nikki though. She may be ‘fearless’ in the ring but, outside of the ring, she has a fear of losing Cena.

On the WWE 2K16 red carpet event, Nikki is being asked about Cena’s nose. Nikki is on the road staying busy even though Cena’s at home convalescing.

Nattie, Nikki and Brie check into a hotel. During Brie’s check-in, Nikki asks for 2 beds to be in Brie’s room. Whenever Nikki travels without Cena, she stays in Brie’s room; this trip though, Brie needs time to decompress and wants to stay by herself. She’s helping Nikki grow up.

Nikki enters Brie’s room. How, you ask?

Nikki told the front desk that she was Brie! Brie kicks everyone out: she doesn’t want anyone in her room. Nikki thinks Brie is being rude for not letting Nikki stay with her. Brie thinks Nikki invaded her privacy by coming into the room unannounced.


Nikki calls Nattie and asks to stay with her.

Nikki reveals to Nattie that she gets scared when she’s alone. Nattie thinks being alone sometimes is healthy and normal. When Nikki’s alone, she gets nightmare. Even with Brie there, she felt she was being choked. Nikki has a fear of death.

Nattie thinks that Nikki’s nightmares are thoughts that Nikki is having trouble expressing. Nikki thinks it has to do with losing her grandfather, who was her father figure growing up. She lost her grandfather when she needed him the most. Cena’s nose injury brought up some of these feelings.

At a Live Event in Baltimore, Brie and Nattie run into Dennis ‘Mr. Belding’ Haskins!

Nattie tells Brie she’s worried about Nikki’s nightmares. Brie says that Nikki is a scaredy-cat; they both get it from their Mom. Nattie thinks there’s a deeper issue because of Nikki’s anxiety attacks. Brie thinks about it more seriously.

Back in Phoenix, Nikki comes over the Brie’s and Bryan’s house.

Brie feels bad for kicking Nikki out of her room; she just assumed that Nikki was needy. Nikki tells Brie that she fears death and it might stem from their grandfather’s sudden death. Brie reaction to their grandfather’s death was different: Brie put on a strong face.

Brie said that Nikki could start staying with her again. Also, the Disney Channel helps Nikki fall asleep at night.


In case you missed it:

Nattie reminds everyone that she works at WWE. She even signed a new contract.

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