So That Happened: #TotalDivas Recap (03/01/16)

Another week. Another new episode of Total Divas! So let’s get started!

Un-Love, Paige Style

Backstage in Baltimore, Kevin is visiting Paige. They don’t see each other much because Kevin is on tour with his band and Paige is on tour with the WWE. Also, their relationship has been difficult since Paige told Kevin that she wasn’t ready to be engaged… after they were already engaged.


Paige gets a text from Kevin saying that Paige has been too busy and not giving him the attention he needs in a relationship. Paige is upset so she goes to Foxy’s house instead of going home. Foxy gets a text from her boyfriend and you could see all the happiness all over her face. Paige is a little jealous since that’s what her relationship should be like.

There’s an awkward car ride with Paige and Kevin. They’re silently fighting. Kevin asks Paige what she wants to do. Her response: “Just Chill.” Yeah…

Paige doesn’t want to have to deal with she and Kevin’s relationship. Also, her Mum is coming to town soon. Paige doesn’t want her Mum to think that Paige can’t handle being in a relationship. She considers asking Kevin to leave town while her mother visits. Foxy thinks that Paige is being ridiculous. If Paige wants to be with Kevin, she needs to figure out a way to make it work. Paige does want to make it work and doesn’t want to hurt Kevin. Paige and Foxy end their serious conversation with Paige promising to try; then they hit each other with flowers.

Rosa Revolution

Backstage in Baltimore, Rosa is talking to Nattie. She still wants to be able to do something, even though she’s pregnant. She thinks she’d make a great backstage correspondent and wants to practice on Nattie. It doesn’t go well but has some potential.

Rosa talks to Carano about being a backstage correspondent. Carano says that backstage correspondents are sometimes in danger of physical harm, which is not good for a pregnant woman.

Rosa runs into Nikki and updates her on the correspondent situation. Nikki thinks that Rosa should still try to do something since it’s important to show women of all types in the workplace. Then they think Rosa can do something with Social Media. Rosa runs with the idea.

Rosa talks to Brian, the VP of Digital Video. She has the idea to have her be part of the social media team, making blogging about the show or the Divas Revolution since being a backstage reporter is too dangerous for a pregnant woman. Brian likes the idea and will talk to Carano to make sure it’s not interfering with any plans. Rosa tells Big Show the good news.

On Smackdown, Rosa tries her hand at being the social media reporter, which takes place an hour before the show starts. She’s definitely in the safe zone, physicality-wise. After a few starts, she has a good interview with Heath Slater.


What’s in a Name?

At Nattie and Tyson’s house, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart is trying out some workout machine. All it’s doing is making him vibrate and jiggle. Nattie comes over to show him how to use the machine: you do squats while the machine shakes. Then Nattie’s Mom – Ellie – tries the machine out. Everyone looks awkward on the machine.

On the road, Nattie and the Bellas are checking in. Brie checks in under the name ‘Brie Danielson.’ Nattie checks in under the name ‘Natalie Neidhart.’

She hasn’t taken Tyson Kidd’s last name (Wilson, not Kidd), which is something she talked with the Bellas about years ago. They think she should take his last name.

Brie couldn’t wait to be Mrs. Danielson; Nikki can’t wait to be Mrs. Cena someday.


Backstage, Alicia Fox, Carano and Paige are sitting at a table when Nattie walks up. The topic switches to Nattie changing her last name. Paige and Foxy think that Tyson should take Nattie’s name. The world is changing and a woman shouldn’t have to take a man’s name. Plus, Nattie’s last name – Neidhart – is legendary in wrestling.

Nattie and Tyson have lunch with Jim and Ellie. She brings up the name change idea. Tyson does not like the idea of taking the Neidhart name.

In the car, Nattie and Tyson continue the conversation. If Tyson takes Nattie’s name, he’ll be completely emasculated. He’s already known as “Nattie’s Husband;” this would be even worse.


In Laredo, Texas for Monday Night RAW. It’s the first night that Nattie will be back in the ring for competition. Nattie shoots a backstage segment with Paige before her first match in 4 months. Then she has match with Naomi. The crowd starts chanting, “Let’s Go, Nattie!” during the match. Nattie feels good in the ring even though 4 months away felt like 10 years.

Nattie decides to change her name to Neidhart-Wilson. It will mean a lot that Nattie is representing her and Tyson Kidd as a couple. And she’ll get to keep Neidhart, which is very important to her. Nattie also had a custom doormat made that says “Neidhart-Wilson.”

Love, Brie Bella Style

After the WWE event, the Divas are hanging out together. Nikki Bella arrives with a giant bouquet of flowers.

It’s for Brie from Daniel Bryan complete with a love note! The Divas swoon over how romantic Daniel Bryan is. They ask Brie if she ever gets Daniel romantic presents. She really doesn’t.

At home, Daniel shows Brie the presents they got from their nephews and nieces.

Daniel teases Brie that he is the romantic one in the relationship. Brie’s wedding present to Daniel, for example, was an I.O.U. She also ordered the wrong thing for his birthday and never got it replaced.

On the road, Nikki and Brie are hanging out. They talk about how Brie is not a romantic. Nikki says that Brie is more like a guy. Nikki describes what a romantic date with Cena is like. Nikki even gets Cena flowers on occasion. Brie tries to write some of this down; Nikki decides to plan a romantic date night for Brie and Daniel.


On the date, a limo picks up the two of them. Daniel thinks that all of this is excessive and gaudy. They arrive at the restaurant. Brie tells him that he looks really handsome in his suit. Daniel thinks that he looks like Hobbit in a suit. He wears his napkin like a bib. Brie thinks she is failing at romance.

Brie tries the romance thing again. Instead of doing what Nikki does, she thinks about what’s romantic to her and Daniel.

She rents an Electric car, something that Daniel has always wanted to drive.


She pre-programs a GPS to take them to a secret destination. It’s a farm. There, Brie presents Daniel with a present: a handmade owl with gems for eyes and belly. It’s because Daniels calls Brie his ‘owl.’ Daniel finds everything adorable and loves that Brie has tried so hard.

In case you missed it:

At a WWE RAW in Baltimore, MD, Nattie and Brie greet the fans before the show. One fan wants to be a Diva when she grows up. She asks Nattie for advice. Nattie suggests that the fan work on little things everyday to get better. Brie comes up and says she (the fan, not Nattie) is the future of the Bella Dynasty.

Nikki explains to the Total Divas audience everything that went into her “Bella-bration” backstage segment. Brie and Alicia Fox end up covered in cake. They run into Mandy backstage who doesn’t know what’s going on. She pulls a piece of cake of Brie and tries it. It’s chocolate.

At WWE Night of Champions, Nikki loses the Divas Championship to Charlotte. But, while Nikki was coming to the ring, Renee Young and Nattie perform a mini-version of the Bella Twin entrance!

And still to come on this season of Total Divas:

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