So That Happened: #RAW Recap (05/18/15)


RAW begins with The Authority and the return of Stephanie McMahon.

Stephanie McMahon asks the WWE Universe if they missed her.

Stephanie McMahon says life is so much sweeter when you’re a winner and although the WWE Universe can’t relate to that, The Authority can. Stephanie says the future has never been stronger with Seth Rollins.

Triple H addresses the critics that questioned The Authority’s choice that Seth Rollins is the future of the WWE, saying Rollins is everything that The Authority says he is. Triple H says he hates to say I told you so, but he told you so. Triple H calls Seth Rollins the Future Of The WWE. Stephanie McMahon announces that tonight they will pay tribute to Seth Rollins with Seth Rollins: Architect For A Dream.

Stephanie McMahon addresses Rollins opponents, Randy Orton, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose, saying that they will address their inferiority by going to the back of the line.

Triple H makes a comment about championships, then unveil the Intercontinental Championship.

Stephanie McMahon addresses Daniel Bryan surrendering the Intercontinental Championship. After a “YES” chant, Stephanie tells Bryan that she knows he’s watching, but then mocks Bryan for not owning a TV. Stephanie makes fun of Bryan’s lifestyle then says she knows how much courage it took for Bryan to stand in the middle of the ring and admit she was right.

Stephanie McMahon continues to mock Daniel Bryan further, saying that although Bryan’s career is over, the show must go on. Triple H talks about crowning the most resilent and durable Intercontinental Champion in history, saying they will crown that champion at Elimination Chamber. Triple H hypes the danger of the Elimination Chamber then says 6 men will enter and one will leave as Champion. Stephanie McMahon starts to hype the Elimination Chamber on the WWE Network until she is interrupted by #ScumbagSheamus.


#ScumbagSheamus mocks the WWE Universe for their “You Look Stupid” chant, then compliments The Authority. #ScumbagSheamus tells The Authority that they don’t need to have an Elimination Chamber to crown a new WWE Intercontinental Champion. #ScumbagSheamus reminds The Authority that he is the one who took out Daniel Bryan and ended the “YES Movement” once and for all.

After looking at the footage, #ScumbagSheamus tells The Authority that he thinks he should be rewarded for putting the little man down. #ScumbagSheamus says giving him the Intercontinental Title is wha’ts Best For Business, but he is interrupted by Ryback..

After a loud “Feed Me More” chant, Ryback starts to speak, but stops then says he has to agree with the WWE Universe, saying that #ScumbagSheamus looks stupid. Ryback tells #ScumbagSheamus that Daniel Bryan has more heart, passion and determination than #ScumbagSheamus ever will.

Stephanie McMahon tries to silence the WWE Universe, but Ryback says that Big Guy has the microphone and Big Guy is talking.

Ryback says Bryan may not look like them, but he has the heart. Ryback calls out #ScumbagSheamus on picking on little guys and asks him to pick on The Big Guy. Ryback says he doesn’t like bullies and he doesn’t like #ScumbagSheamus.

Stephanie McMahon tells Ryback and #ScumbagSheamus that both of them will have the opportunity to prove themselves in the Elimination Chamber. Triple H says he’s digging what’s going on right now and makes Ryback vs. #ScumbagSheamus next.

Match 01: Ryback vs. #ScumbagSheamus

Ryback press slams #ScumbagSheamus onto the table.

#ScumbagSheamus gets something stuck in his eye.

The referee holds Ryback back. #ScumbagSheamus takes advantage and hits Ryback with a Brogue Kick.

Winner: #ScumbagSheamus

Post-Match, #ScumbagSheamus reveals his eye is just fine.

Backstage: Stephanie McMahon talks to Triple H about Architect Of A Dream, saying it’s a strong name and a strong vision which needs a strong man to put it together. Stephanie McMahon turns to Kane, saying he can do it. Kane says he thinks he and Seth Rollins are finally putting their past behind them and that Seth Rollins is growing up.

The Authority are interrupted by Seth Rollins who pours champagne for everyone. Stephanie McMahon reminds Rollins that it’s Ladies First, but allows Rollins to continue to pour champagne. Rollins turns to Kane and hesitates pouring champagne. Rollins pours champagne for Kane, saying no one deserves it more than him. Rollins says after Payback, Kane saved his job and Kane finally has something to celebrate. and is about to thank Kane, but thanks himself because he saved Kane’s job.

The Authority is interrupted by Dean Ambrose.

Dean Ambrose congratulates Seth Rollins for winning with the help of four other guys. Ambrose reminds Rollins that the last time they fought one-on-one, Ambrose won and at Payback, Rollins didn’t beat him. Ambrose grants Rollins a rematch, under one condition: Seth Rollins puts the WWE World Heavyweight Title on the line.

The Authority tells Kane that they’re going to let him handle it. Kane says that what’s best for business is letting the WWE World Heavyweight Champion decide what he wants to do with his future because Seth Rollins is the future. Rollins tells Ambrose that he’s at the back of the line. hit the back of the line and to say hello to Roman Reigns and Randy Orton.

Dean Ambrose tells Kane that it breaks his heart to see Kane be Seth’s neutered little lap dog. Ambrose tells Kane he used to be a monster, then asks Kane what would Paul Bearer or The Undertaker would think about The Devil’s Favorite Demon is a glorified butler.

Kane tells Dean Ambrose to never mention his family, then makes a match between Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose tonight. Ambrose takes Kane’s drink, drinks it, then tells Kane that he shouldn’t drink on the job before walking off.

Neville Speaks:

Renee Young introduces Neville.

Renee Young asks Neville how it feels to be a new Superstar in WWE. Neville says he’s been fortunate enough to compete all over the world, but nothing compares to competing here in the WWE. Neville says he may not be the biggest guy and that he has his fair share of doubters, but there is nothing more that he loves in this world than proving doubters wrong. Neville says when he’s flying in the air, he’s 10 foot tall and invincible.

Renee Young asks Neville about his transition from NXT to WWE but gets interrupted by Bo Dallas.

Bo Dallas says there’s nothing more inspirational than hearing a good children’s story. Dallas mentions the Little Engine That Could then calls Neville the little engine that couldn’t.

Bo Dallas says he would say Neville’s career is looking up but that would be a lie. Dallas says he doesn’t say things that he doesn’t “Bolieve.” Neville asks Renee Young if she knows who he beat to start his record breaking NXT Championship reign. Neville says he “Bolieves” it was Bo Dallas.

Bo Dallas attacks Neville’s injured knee until Neville fends Dallas off.

King Barrett comes down to the ring.

Match 02: Neville vs. King Barrett

Bo Dallas is on commentary.

King Barrett takes advantage of Neville’s injured knee

Neville tries to jump at King Barrett but his knee gives out.

King Barrett hits Neville with the Bullhammer.

Winner: King Barrett

Post-Match, Bo Dallas attacks Neville.


Rusev Addresses The I Quit Match:

After a “We Want Lana” chant, Rusev says there will be No Lana tonight. Rusev says there is no Lana and Lana needs to learn her place. Rusev says Lana doesn’t speak for her and he speaks for himself. Rusev says he speaks American’s stupid language perfectly and he knows how to say “I Quit”

After another “We Want Lana” chant, Rusev screams there is no Lana. Rusev says that he never quit and that he beat John Cena so bad that Cena passed out in the ring. Rusev says Lana quit because she is weak. Rusev demands John Cena come out right now and restart the match.

Lana comes down to the ring.

Lana says she knows she wasn’t supposed to come out here, but Rusev screams how dare she come out here when he demanded her not to. Lana says that she wants to explain about Rusev. Lana says Rusev is not just the Bulgarian Brute and that he’s just misunderstood.

Lana says she believes in Rusev and has believed in him more than anyone else. Lana says she walked with him and hoped he would make John Cena quit, but it didn’t happen. Lana calls it disappointing ,but says that’s life. Lana says she was trying to protect Rusev because she cares for him.


Rusev gets upset that Lana tried to protect her and called her weak and disgusting for having feelings. Lana says Enough and asks Rusev what was she supposed to do after seeing Rusev in pain. Lana says she did the right thing for Rusev and them. Lana says she couldn’t watch Rusev in all this pain, then reveals Rusev was screaming “I Quit” in Bulgarian.

Rusev calls Lana a liar and says that there is no “us.” Rusev says he doesn’t need anyone and that Lana is weak and only makes her weak. Rusev screams at Lana to go back where she came from.

Lana leaves the ring as Rusev screams at her in Bulgarian, then celebrates.

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