Highlight Reel: We Can’t See Him!

In Highlight Reel, 3MB will look at funny and interesting wrestling videos

Kevin Owens’ RAW debut has the entire wrestling world buzzing. Coming to the ring during the US Title Open Challenge to confront John Cena certainly  captured everyone’s attention. The result of that – Cena and Owens facing off at Elimination Chamber – has made this WWE Network exclusive event hotly anticipated.

Image Courtesy of WWE.comBut we should’ve seen this coming.

The Saturday before that RAW, we were there for NXT’s live show in Albany. Since this was NXT, there was no Cena; but there was NXT Champion Kevin Owens, who defended his title against Tyler Breeze and Finn Balor. In the middle of the match, for seeming no reason, Owens did this:


A 5 Knuckle Shuffle! Why? Was Owens calling his shot a few days in advance? Or was he just having fun at the expense of Finn Balor? We didn’t see him! And John Cena definitely didn’t see him coming. When that happens, Owens stands tall.


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