Cheap Pop: Terminology Chamber

In Cheap Pop, Three Man Booth discusses random topics with a slight historical bend.

The Elimination Chamber, both the event and the match, is returning to the WWE after a brief hiatus (almost a full year!) from the Pay Per View scene. This time, it’s a WWE Network Exclusive, if you live in the US. And the return of the Elimination Chamber brings with us our favorite Elimination Chamber moment. It came from No Way Out 2009. Going into the show, Edge was the WWE Champion and had to defend his title against Vladimir Koslov, Jeff Hardy, Triple H, Big Show and The Undertaker. Hardy got a surprise cradle on Edge, eliminating him from the match and the Championship (Triple H ultimately walked out of the Chamber as champion).

3MB_WWE_NoWayOut2009_EliminationChamberBut the Ultimate Opportunist wouldn’t be down for too long. As the Innovator of the Money in the Bank, Edge found a way to leave No Way Out as a champion. He inadvertently coined the the term “getting Kofi’d,” which means getting attacked before a match, having your attacker take your place in the match.

3MB_WWE_NoWayOut2009_EdgeAttacksKofi003This was such a shocking in memorable moment, Kofi still holds that grudge against Edge, as evidenced by Twitter.

So far, only one other person has executed the “getting Kofi’d” successfully: Erick Rowan attacked Curtis Axel and took his spot in the 2015 Royal Rumble. The result was not as great as Edge’s or as memorable but the tradition of “getting Kofi’d” stays alive to this day. With 2 Chamber matches tonight, will we see someone else “get Kofi’d?” Will it be someone in the Intercontinental Title Chamber match or the Tag Title Chamber match?

But Edge wasn’t done re-defining the Elimination Chamber that night.

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