So That Happened: #RAW Recap (06/01/15)


RAW begins with The Authority.

Stephanie McMahon introduces an angry Seth Rollins.

Stephanie McMahon says Dean Ambrose is not the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Stephanie calls Ambrose a kleptomaniac for stealing the WWE and Intercontinental Championships, the Money In the Bank and getting arrested. Stephanie says Dean Ambrose is not WWE Championship Material.

Stephanie McMahon asks the WWE Universe if The Authority should fine, suspend or fire Dean Ambrose. Triple H adds on that they’re not doing any of that, saying that Ambrose is crazy but not stupid. Triple H says he gave Ambrose till the beginning of RAW to give the title to The Authority. Triple H demands that Dean Ambrose come out of whatever hole he’s in and give the title back to Seth Rollins.

After a “Justin Bieber” chant, Triple H tells the WWE Universe to shut up and tells Dean Ambrose that he’s waiting. Triple H screams for Ambrose to get out here. Roman Reigns comes out instead.

Roman Reigns says The Authority is not happy to see him, but it sounds like San Antonio is. Reigns says Ambrose is not here and may never come back unless he gets a rematch at Money In The Bank.


Roman Reigns says lets The Authority know that Dean Ambrose wants a ladder match against Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Stephanie McMahon says they are not going to negotiate with Roman Reigns or a low-life like Dean Ambrose. Reigns says they should reconsider since Ambrose beat Rollins at Elimination Chamber with Dirty Deeds. Rollins complains, saying Ambrose did not beat him and that he is still WWE World Heavyweight Champion. The WWE Universe chants “You Got Beat” to Seth Rollins.

Roman Reigns says he doesn’t think Rollins is as good as he thinks he is, saying Rollins was cool in The Shield but now he may be the worst WWE Champion ever.

Seth Rollins screams at Roman Reigns that Dean Ambrose has his rematch. Stephanie McMahon tries to calm Rollins down, but Rollins says he knows what he’s doing. Rollins tells Reigns that at Money In The Bank that he is going to prove to everyone in the ring that he doesn’t need anyone’s help. Rollins says he doesn’t need J & J Security, 7 foot piece of crap or The Authority to help him.

Seth Rollins tells Roman Reigns at MITB he will prove who the WWE World Heavyweight Champion really is. Rollins leaves the ring and storms off.

Stephanie McMahon starts to scream at Roman Reigns for disrupting everything until Triple H calms Stephanie McMahon down. Triple H gets in Roman Reigns’ face, and talks about Reigns being in the MITB ladder match in two weeks then reminds Reigns of Seth Rollins cashing in on him. Triple H tells Reigns that he’s in the MITB ladder match, but he doesn’t have to be and maybe he won’t be after tonight. Triple H puts Roman Reigns in a match next where if he loses, he is out of the Money In The Bank Ladder Match.

Match 01: Roman Reigns vs. Bad News Barrett

After a back and forth match, Roman Reigns catches King Barrett with the spear.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Backstage: Roman Reigns confronts The Authority, who congratulates him on still being in the Money In The Bank Ladder Match. Stephanie McMahon says Reigns will still be in the ladder match if he can defeat his next opponent, The World’s Strongest Man, Mark Henry. The Authority walks away as Triple H sings Henry’s theme music.

Backstage: Byron Saxton asks Nikki Bella what’s next for her after holding the WWE Divas Championship for 6 months. Nikki says she is looking forward to anything and everything. Nikki is proud to be Divas Champion and proud to be part of the Divas division. Nikki Bella is interrupted by Paige.

Paige reminds Nikki Bella about her winning the Divas Battle Royal and earning a title shot, but was ruined by Naomi. Nikki Bella says Paige reminds her of Naomi, complaining about her past and asks if Paige is challenging her to a match. After Paige nods, Nikki Bella agrees to put the title on the line against Paige tonight.

Ryback Speaks:

After a loud “Feed Me More” Chant, Ryback says no one likes an emotional big guy, but he’s proud to be here as Intercontinental Champion. Ryback reminds the WWE Universe in San Antonio about the time they chanted “Feed Me More.” Ryback says it reminded him of who he is and who he is and now he is WWE Intercontinental Champion. Ryback says when it comes to the competition and challenges, you know what he says. Ryback leafs the WWE Universe in a “Feed Me More” Chant.

Match 02: Ryback vs. The Miz

Before the match begins, it is interrupted by Big Show.

Big Show knocks out The Miz.


Big Show tells Ryback that if anyone is going to beat Ryback for that championship, it’s going to be him. Big Show tells Ryback that the Big Guy’s got nothing on the Big Show.

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