So That Happened: #RAW Recap (05/11/15)


RAW begins with a limo pulling up.

Triple H is in the limo.

Eden Stiles introduces Triple H

Triple H says “Daddy’s Home.” Triple H says he says that to his children when he comes home, and immediately they behave better.


Triple H addresses Seth Rollins and Kane, upset that they were unable to get along and do what he wanted them to do while he was away. Triple H wants to end the situation tonight and orders Seth Rollins and Kane to come out.

Seth Rollins comes down to the ring and welcomes Triple H back. Rollins says he and Triple H are on the same page, wanting what’s best for business, but gets cut off by a “We Want Ambrose” chant from Ambrose’s hometown crowd.

Seth Rollins says wants what’s Best For Business but can’t do that with a 7ft. Cancer trying to poison The Authority from the inside. Rollins says maybe it’s because Kane has never been the man before, while Rollins is the man. Rollins gets cut off by a “You Sold Out” chant. Seth Rollins tries to talk about his history with Kane but gets cut off with another “We Want Ambrose” chant.

Rollins addresses the WWE App vote, then adding Dean Ambrose to the match. Rollins asks the crowd if they’re happy he said his stupid name.

Seth Rollins keeps trying to talk but now gets cut off by an “Ambrose” chant.

Seth Rollins tells Triple H that he can’t do this with Kane and tells Triple H that this isn’t the same Kane he used to ride with. Rollins suggests putting Kane out of his misery, but gets interrupted by Kane.


Kane says with age comes wisdom, and his expertise is telling him to grab Seth Rollins by his turkey neck and Chokeslam him straight to hell. Seth Rollins hides behind Kane, complaining while Kane tells Rollins to be a man. Rollins wants Triple H to handle it.

Triple H tells Kane that he respects him, but he needs to check his ego at the door and do what’s best for the team. Triple H says he understands Seth Rollins can be irritating to the point that you wanna punch him in the face, but you don’t because Rollins is Best For Business. Triple H tells Kane that if Seth Rollins doesn’t walk out of Payback as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, then maybe Kane’s services as the Director Of Operations are no longer needed.

Kane tells Triple H that it’s a shame Triple H feels that way, because as much as he respects Triple H, it might be worth it to eviscerate Rollins. Rollins tries to chime in but Triple H orders Rollins to shut up.

Triple H lets Kane know that if he can’t do this, then maybe they should amicably part ways. After Kane’s silence, Triple H says he can tell that’s not what Kane wants.

Triple H tells Kane that all 4 members of the Payback PPV Main Event, will be in competition tonight. Triple H makes Kane vs. Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton.

Jamie Noble starts to mouth off to Triple H, saying since he was too busy watching RAW on his big screen, he forgot to realize Seth Rollins is the man around here.

Triple H pretends to ignore Jamie Noble then says he didn’t see him because he was down there. Triple H reminds Jamie Noble that Dean Ambrose doesn’t have a match yet and puts Ambrose in a handicap match against J & J Security, since the two members of J & J Security stack up to one full man. Triple H makes that match next.

Match 01: Dean Ambrose vs. J & J Security

Dean Ambrose hits the 6-1-Line on J & J Security

Joey Mercury dropkicks Dean Ambrose.

Dean Ambrose dives on J & J Security.

Dean Ambrose clotheslines J & J Security.

Dean Ambrose hits the Dirty Deeds on J & J Security.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

Match 02: Dolph Ziggler vs. King Barrett

#ScumbagSheamus is on commentary

King Barrett tells Dolph Ziggler that over the past few weeks, a commoner peasant by the name of Neville has tries to rise up and confront the King. Barrett says gravity hasn’t forgotten Neville and that Neville will be fully reacquainted with gravity when he is hit with a Bullhammer at Payback.

King Barrett says tonight he has unfinished business with Dolph Ziggler and tonight, he is going to give Ziggler a new job. Barrett is going to turn Ziggler from a Common Show Off to a Common Asskisser.

King Barrett demands the bell get rung and he gets caught with a Superkick. Barrett kicks out.

Dolph Ziggler almost wins, but gets distracted by #ScumbagSheamus. King Barrett catches Ziggler with a Bullhammer.

Winner: Bad News Barrett

#ScumbagSheamus gets “You Look Stupid” chants.

#ScumbagSheamus slaps Dolph Ziggler around, saying he’s not fit to clean Sheamus’ shoes.

Dolph Ziggler fights back until he gets a Brogue Kick.


Match 03: Erick Rowan vs. Fandango


The commentators take bets on how long Fandango will last.

Winner: Erick Rowan in 37 seconds

Post-Match, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan do more damage to Fandango.

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