The Meme Event: #ThankYouAJ

In The Meme Event, 3MBooth shares wrestling inspired memes

It’s official. AJ Lee has retired from in-ring competition in WWE.

At first, we couldn’t believe it.

Then, we accepted the news like a rational person.

And didn’t make a scene in public.

But in all seriousness, it’s no secret that we at Three Man Booth are huge fans of AJ. In the early days of Three Man Booth, posts like Fantasy GM AJ and RAW Recap Memes


helped give Three Man Booth some much needed exposure. And we even got a couple of responses from AJ herself!

But it’s not like we’re keeping score of all of the times that AJ Lee saw our work..

And discussed it with us.

That would just be arrogant.

Humblebrags aside, AJ Lee has been a staple of our site for years. We could get emotional about her retirement, or we could do what we do best…

Post some of our favorite AJ Lee-Inspired Memes.

Fantasy GM AJ is the first AJ Lee Meme we ever made. It was a big hit.


Unlike it’s spin-off, Condescending Nerd AJ


But let’s talk about the good memes! Like this Final Fantasy VII one.


Or this Falcon Punch to Cameron.


Or these Dragon Ball Z references.


Like this DBZ Meme that never made it onto the site until now.


There were also a few AJ/Pokemon Memes.


Mostly at Layla’s expense…


Which wasn’t on purpose…


Sorry, Layla…


But at least AJ liked it!

Some of our AJ Lee Memes were “Politically Correct.”


Some taught a valuable lesson.


(Seriously. How many times did AJ face Layla?)

And others were just at the expense of The Bella Twins.


Because how could you not love this line?


There was also that time we were upset that AJ turned on Emma.


But that’s in the past and all is forgiven.

Thanks for the memories, AJ! We hope this isn’t officially goodbye. But we hope nothing but good things for you.  Just promise that you’ll always Stay Weird!

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