Snapshots: A Birthday Festival Of Friendship

Last time we saw AJ Lee and Kaitlyn in the ring together was three years ago on the January 8th episode of WWE Main Event.

After another fun match, we were wondering what AJ and Kaitlyn would go on to do next. Little did we know that Kaitlyn was leaving WWE and that a little over a year later, AJ would leave WWE as well.

What have AJ and Kaitlyn¬†Celeste been up to for the past couple of years? Celeste has a successful women’s clothing line called Celestial Bodiezz¬†and AJ’s Autobiography, Crazy Is My Superpower, will be out on April 4th.

We at Three Man Booth took both departures pretty hard, but we were happy to see AJ and Kaitlyn Celeste living their best lives.

Then, for her 30th Birthday, AJ got a great surprise from her husband, CM Punk (Who also left WWE. Seriously. Why does everyone we love leave us?)

The BFFs were reunited!

And with friendships like Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens falling by the wasteside, we’re happy to see a pair of wrestling best friends, still being best friends.

Not only did this warm our hearts, but it also gave us hope that maybe we will finally get that AJ/Kaitlyn screenplay done by WWE Films (Produced once again by The Rock.)


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