Nation Of Animation: Memories Of A Hybrid-Diva

In Nation Of Animation, 3MBooth will spotlight wrestlers using animated gifs

Yes. The rumors are true….

Now, we at 3ManBooth, are huge fans of Kaitlyn. We tried to figure out her secret admirer, We tried to get her to read AJ Lee’s screenplay. We even covered her “incident” in the most tasteful way possible.  So, seeing this news was definitely a surprise.

When we first read that Kaitlyn left the WWE, we were initially like…

kaitlynbige(Courtesy of krevlornswrath)

Then, it started to sink in that tonight on Main Event, would be Kaitlyn’s last match in the WWE. But we’re adults, so we handled ourselves accordingly.

kaitlynemotion(Courtesy of fueledbybrea)

There’s a lot that we’re going to miss about Kaitlyn. For example: Her tasteful Halloween Costumes.


(Courtesy of fyeahcelestebonin and Wrestlecrap)

Or, her love for The Simpsons.

And our love for making as many Kaitlyn/Simpsons References as possible.




d3e93-kaitlynfeelingtext_3mbAnd how could we forget about the many…

kaitlynspear03(Courtesy of WrasslorMonkey)


kaitlynspear01(Courtesy of doomsday519)


kaitlynspear04(Courtesy of straightedgeewan)

MANY Spears…

kaitlynspear02(Courtesy of whitetrashlucha)

But, if Kaitlyn saw us this upset about her departure, this is what she’d tell us.

khalistress(Courtesy of the-anvilette)

So, we’ll stop crying because Kaitlyn’s doing just fine.

kaitlynsmile(Courtesy of DivasDaily)

Goodbye, Kaitlyn. You did a great job and we’re really going to miss you. The Divas Division has never been cleaner, and the way you kept the young people away — whew!  That was beautiful. Anyway, we all pitched in and we got you this little going-away thing.


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