So That Happened: 10/01/2012

RAW starts with CM Punk and Paul Heyman making their way towards the ring as Michael Cole hypes Jim Ross Appreciation Night.

CM Punk talks about John Cena hitting him with a pipe last week and calls it cowardice then goes on to say that Mick Foley gave him a look last week that could only be described as disrespect. CM Punk defends his attack on Mick Foley calling Foley a coward and asking if Foley would have the gall to say anything derogatory to John Cena, “Dwayne” and Steve Austin, CM Punk says he wishes Mrs. Foley would’ve shown “Mrs. Foley’s Baby Boy” some manners and that the WWE Universe is showing him the same disrespect as Mick Foley.

CM Punk said Mick Foley’s words about Punk’s legacy and the Hell In A Cell got to him and made him think about his decision to face John Cena at HIAC. CM Punk announces that he still will NOT face John Cena at HIAC.

This week’s 3MB So That Happened Social Media Ambasassor: Mick Foley

CM Punk whsipers to Paul Heyman to take over and Paul Heyman gets on the mic to talk about AJ Lee slapping him from last week.

Paul Heyman quotes the edict from the WWE Board Of Directions which states that if AJ Lee hits a Superstar, Manager or anyone else, she will be removed as RAW General Manager. Paul Heyman says he and CM Punk agree with this edict then nominates himself to take over AJ Lee’s spot until he’s interrupted by Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler who also wants the RAW GM Spot. Vickie says she and Dolph Ziggler have been victims of AJ Lee because Dolph Ziggler almost lost his Money In The Bank contract, while Vickie is still feeling the effects of the attack from a couple months ago.

Paul Heyman and Vickie Guerrero argue until Dolph Ziggler interrupts and says that everyone can agree that this is all AJ Lee’s fault. Ziggler proposes the idea of Vickie Guerrero and Paul Heyman teaming up to be Co-GMs until AJ Lee ‘s music hits and she skips down to the ring.

AJ Lee announces the WWE Board Of Directors have placed her on probation. AJ says she knows she wasn’t supposed to touch another person but she thought the B.O.D. would make an excuse for a “Slimy, Shady, Greasy, Creepy as all hell, wormlike excuse for a man like Paul Heyman.”

AJ says she’s been appointed an Executive Coach to help her with her development as a RAW General Manager.

Daniel Bryan’s music hits and he comes down to the ring. CM Punk asks if Daniel Bryan is AJ Lee’s coach.

Daniel Bryan apologizes for AJ Lee’s issues and says it’s his fault because he dumped her at Wrestlemania. comes out and says he’s apologizes for AJ Lee’s mental issues and claims it’s because he dumped her at Wrestlemania. Daniel Bryan calls himself a catch, calls himself Handsome. Bryan also says he is a former World Heavyweight Champion and that he has a beard and that HE is the Tag Team Champions.

*EXPLOSION!* Kane comes out next and says that everyone forgot to mention a very important fact about AJ Lee. Kane mentions that AJ Lee is a Phenomenal Kisser. Kane says everything else Daniel Bryan is true with the exception of one thing: KANE is the Tag Team Champions. Daniel Bryan and Kane start arguing which leads to CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler arguing which leads to Paul Heyman and Vickie Guerrero arguing

AJ Lee says “Stop It” multiple times until she starts screaming “STOP IT!” going “Super Saiyan” again.

 AJ Lee calms down then says that RAW is her show and probation or not she’s still the RAW GM and what she says goes.

AJ Lee goes on make a Tag Team Match: CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler vs. Team Hell No

Match 01: Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara vs. Primo and Epico

 Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara are wearing half of each other’s masks:

Courtesy of

The Primetime Players come out to watch the match.

Jim Ross puts over Primo and Epico via commentary.

Winners: Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara

Courtesy of Wrestling Memes

Post-match, ReyCara and the Prime Time Players taunt each other.

Match 02: Antonio Cesaro vs Brodus Clay

Antonio Cesaro lifts Brodus Clay up for the Neutralizer, holds him then drops Brodus Clay!


Gifs courtesy of planetdamien

Winner: Antonio Cesaro

3MB So That Happened’s 2nd Social Media Ambassaro: Antonio Cesaro

Backstage: AJ Lee and her Executive Coach walks up to the injured Kaitlyn. AJ Lee introduces Christopher A. Stevenson (The Executive Coach) to Kaitlyn then asks her how she’s feeling. Kaitlyn says she’s almost ready to go and AJ Lee says she might have a match next week. AJ Lee asks Kaitlyn to forgive her after everything that happened between them with Daniel Bryan.

Kaitlyn is about to speak but AJ begins laughing hysterically then says she’s not really sorry at all then skips away from Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn asks the Executive Coach what his role is.

Match 03: The Miz vs. Zack Ryder

Winner: The Miz

Backstage: Booker T makes his way towards the ring for the Sheamus/Big Show debate.


The Sheamus/Big Show Debate: 

Booker T comes out then announces Big Show vs. Sheamus at Hell In A Cell. Booker T brings out Big Show, followed by Sheamus. Booker T thanks Big Show and Sheamus for participating in this debate and says that it’s traditional to start off with an opening statement.

Booker T starts with Big Show, who almost thanks Booker T but then says that the debate is ridiculous and that what’s going to happen is he’s going to walk in Hell In A Cell, knock Sheamus out and win the World Heavyweight Championship.

Sheamus says his opening statement, he introduces himself and calls himself the World Heavyweight Champion. Sheamus thanks Booker T for hosting the debate then gets a cheap pop by mentioning Oklahoma.

Question 1:

Sheamus says he’s been a fighter and he’s never ducked out of a fight. Sheamus says he’s looking forward to a fight (We get it.) Sheamus says he’s never faced a bigger, stronger, more impressive Superstar than The Big Show. Sheamus mocks The Big Show by saying he’s got B.O. and that his breath smells, but his biggest concern is that this match lasts longer than 45 Seconds.

Booker T asks for Big Show’s rebuttal, Big Show defends his hygiene then calls Sheamus out for not taking this debate seriously and not taking Big Show seriously. Big Show tells Sheamus to stop being a funny guy as Booker T moves on to Question 2.

Big Show says that his WMD KO has knocked out more Superstars, won more titles and is more powerful than the Brogue Kick. Big Show lists John Cena and Randy Orton as references then mentions that Sheamus can’t get his foot up to Big Show’s face. Sheamus responds by mentioning Daniel Bryan. Sheamus says that Big Show never knocked out Daniel Bryan and that Bryan beat Big Show in 45 Seconds.

Big Show gets upset that Sheamus keeps making 45 seconds jabs then defends he lost due to extenuating circumstances. As Booker T tries to calm Big Show down, Big Show’s podium breaks. Big Show asks for a new podium and says he’s slighty overweight and calls the debate out for not being serious.

Sheamus agrees and says we should see a tout. Sheamus says he promised his “cousin” “Rey Mysterio Sullivan” that he would show his tout on RAW. That’s now how debates work, but Sheamus doesn’t follow the rules anyway.

Touts on Touts on Touts:  “Rey Mysterio Sullivan” asks Big Show how it feels that he’s going to have his head kicked off so hard that it’s going to follow the Blarney Stone all the way over to the Rio Grande. Then ends it with “Arriba!” It’s Sheamus pretending to be Mexican again. I’m not making this up.

Booker T calls Sheamus out and tells him, AGAIN, that this is a serious debate. Sheamus says he’s being serious, but Big Show yells at Sheamus telling him to be serious.

Sheamus says he has a closing line and then asks Big Show how it feels to lose the World Heavyweight Championship in 45 Seconds only for Sheamus to win the title from Daniel Bryan in 18 Seconds.

Big Show gets fed up and gets face to face with Sheamus. Big Show takes off his jacket and Sheamus takes off his shirt as they stare each other down until Big Show decides to walk away from Sheamus.

Match 04: Ryback vs. Tensai

Ryback tries to pick Tensai up for the Shell Shocked but fails….twice.

Ryback decides to go for the Clothesline finish instead.

Winner: Ryback

Backstage: Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes go over how great “Rhodes Scholars” is then Sandow complains about Sheamus’ formal attire during the debate. Sandow mentions Sheamus wasn’t even wearing pants. Cody Rhodes says that he and Damien Sandow will wear proper attire when they win the Tag Team Titles. Sandow agrees and says they won’t parade around like Sheamus, who Sandow described as a “Cornsilk Neanderthal”

Match 05: Handsome Eve Torres vs. Beth Phoenix

The Handsome Eve Torres tries to shake Beth Phoenix’s hand. Beth reluctantly shakes Eve’s hand then starts attacking her.

#HeartthrobRef is the referee for this match

Beth Phoenix tries to grab Handsome Eve Torres from the ropes, but Heattrob Ref stops Beth Phoenix. Handsome Eve takes advantage and hits the finisher for the win.

Winner: Handsome Eve Torres

Backstage: AJ Lee introduces Christopher J. Stevenson to Wade Barrett. Barrett tells AJ he’s glad someone’s here to help AJ do her job because he’s not competing tonight.

Barrett says since AJ’s on probation, he’s going to be blunt with her. Barrett says AJ Lee is doing a horrible job and she lets her emotions go all over the place. One minute AJ’s red hot, the next she’s cold as ice. Barrett says stop letting personal relationships get in the way of AJ doing her job. Afterwards, AJ Lee tells Christopher J. Stevenson that she thinks he’s intimidated.

Recaps on Caps on Caps/Touts on Touts on Touts: JBL’s journey climbing summits and Mount Kilimanjaro

JBL drawing courtesy of Matoonz

Match 06: Santino Marella vs. Heath Slater (With Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre)

Michael Cole says Heath Slater is the King of Guitar Hero.

Santino Marella gets attacked by Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre

Winner: Santino Marella (via DQ)

Post-Match, Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal continue to beat down Santino Marella.

Heath Slater take the mic and says that the WWE Universe has something they want to hear. McIntyre calls himself the “Chosen One,” Jinder Mahal call himself the “Maharajah” and Heath Slater calls himself the “One Man Band” despite being in a group.

Match 07: Damien Sandow vs. Sheamus

Sheamus gets the upperhand. Cody Rhodes looks as if he’s trying to attack Sheamus, but he really just wanted to ask him a question. Sheamus grabs Cody Rhodes and throws him in the ring. Sheamus hits both Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes with the Brogue Kick

Sheamus pins Damien Sandow for the victory.

Winner: Sheamus

Jim Ross Appreciation:

Michael Cole compliments Jim Ross then brings him out for Jim Ross Appreciation Night.

Michael Cole talks until  he’s interrupted by CM Punk’s music. CM Punk comes out and says Jim Ross is the best announcer in the world and he respects and appreciates him. CM Punk says the people feel the same way about Ross and want to shower him with respect, they don’t know the first thing about respect.

CM Punk says he’s “The Best In The World” and deserves respect so he wants Jim Ross to teach the WWE Universe about respect by telling them that CM Punk is the Best In The World

Jim Ross says he’s glad CM Punk’s not here to embarrass him because CM Punk’s been making an ass out of himself, embarrassing himself over the last several weeks on television.

CM Punk tries to force Jim Ross to say that he in the Best In The World. Jim Ross refuses and says he’s been blessed to call some of the greatest WWE matches in history involving the Best In The World. Jim Ross says he’s called Wrestlemania Main Events with guys like Shawn Michaels, Bret “The Hitman” Hart, Triple H and The Undertaker.

Jim Ross brings up Stone Cold Steve Austin and says that he and the others he mentioned never asked to be called The Best In The World because they earned it. Ross says that if CM Punk wants to prove that he’s the Best In The World, he needs to face John Cena and whip his ass in the Hell In A Cell. If Punk does that, Jim Ross will be the first person in line to call Punk the Best In The World, but until then, he and Punk have nothing to talk about.

CM Punk gets in Jim Ross’ face then takes Jim Ross’ hat off then stomps on it.

CM Punk says he doesn’t run away from fights and that he’s beaten John Cena time and time again. Punk brings up that the Oklahoma City Thunder failed to beat the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals and they don’t get another chance. Punk says that they’re in the squared circle and men don’t run, they fight. CM Punk tells Jim Ross that he needs to run because if he doesn’t, Punk will hurt him so bad that he will never ever commentate another Monday Night RAW broadcast again.

Jim Ross tries to leave but CM Punk grabs his arm. CM Punk says he won’t allow Jim Ross to go back there and do his job. CM Punk tells Jim Ross to leave the ring with his head down and go backstage. Punk wants to see Jim Ross take the walk of shame.

Jim Ross walks up the ramp as CM Punk continues to insult him, a bald Superstar’s theme plays and the crowd goes crazy.

Ryback and CM Punk have a staredown. Paul Heyman screams to CM Punk that he doesn’t fight for free and that he gets paid to fight because he is “The Best In The World.”

Match 07: Alberto Del Rio vs. Kofi Kingston (with RicRod on commentary)

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Backstage: Christopher A. Stevenson tries to teach AJ Lee about leadership and putting aside her personal differences in order to have the best show possible.

AJ Lee says Stevenson has a point then suggests a special referee for the Main Event. AJ Lee says that the referee should be Stevenson. AJ Lee says she doesn’t think a coach is worth a damn unless they’ve been a player, and that Stevenson has never been a player. AJ Lee says she doesn’t need an “Executive Coach” and asks Christopher A Stevenson to get out of her arena and out of her site.

Match 08: Team Hell No vs Daniel Bryan and Kane

AJ Lee is announced as the Special Guest Referee!

Courtesy of

Paul Heyman interferes and AJ Lee ejects him from ringside. Vickie Guerrero argues with AJ Lee and also gets ejected from ringside.

Dolph Ziggler leaves with Vickie Guerrero leaving CM Punk by himself. Kane Chokeslams CM Punk and gets the win.

Winners: Daniel Bryan and Kane

Post-match, Daniel Bryan and Kane argue about being the Tag Team Champions.

So That Happened:

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