Highlight Reel: Dance! Dance! Dance!

In Highlight Reel, 3MB will check out funny and interesting wrestling videos.

Like wrestling promotions, there are several dance based videogames on the market. However, there are two major brands: Dance Central from Harmonix and Just Dance from Ubisoft.  The Just Dance franchise is releasing their latest installment – Just Dance 4 – around the world on multiple platforms – Wii, XBox 360 and PS3 – while Dance Central is exclusively on the XBox 360. Just Dance’s gameplay centers around matching the dance moves performed by colorful avatars on screen set to popular songs. We here at 3ManBooth have been contemplating which franchise to invest in; however, based on the video below, Just Dance 4 might have the advantage:

Either that or someone at Ubisoft is a really big fan of pro wrestling. There’s an entire routine set to Europe’s “The Final Countdown,” the entrance music of Brian Danielson / Daniel Bryan during his time in Ring of Honor. Also, the avatars resemble Rey Mysterio Jr. and Jimmy ‘Superfly’ Snuka.  Plus, this entire sequence is set in a wrestling ring. There is just level-upon-level-upon-level of wrestling references in this dance game.

When Just Dance 4 is released in North America on October 9th, 3ManBooth may need to purchase it. Unless Dance Central counters with a Tensai / “Gangnam Style” routine.

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