Cheap Pop: The Greatest Tag Team Never Sold

In Cheap Pop, Three Man Booth Discuss Random Topics 

with a Slight Historical Bend

The Saturday morning power hour of Justice League Unlimited and WWE Saturday Morning Slam has caused us to take a closer look at both Universes.There are definite similarities: bright colorful tights, muscular frames and the ability to defy gravity is just the start of it. Certain WWE Superstars match up very closely to specific DC Characters. John Cena, for example, has earned the title of SuperCena over the years for both his immeasurable strength, like Superman, and his resiliency to his opponents and the ridicule of his ‘boyscout’ image the WWE Universe. Unlike Superman, however, John Cena has no secret identity. You could put a set of Clark Kent glasses on him but they’d probably pop off his head a the first sign of trouble.

Even the DC Villains have WWE counterparts. Damien Sandow considers himself the intellectual savior of the WWE Universe. As our superior, Sandow vows to raise the WWE Universe to his level, making us all better in the process. His vast intellect is matched only by his aggressive fighting style, a contrast also found in Vandal Savage, an immortal villain constantly pursuing more power in the DC Nation. Savage – originally a caveman before gaining immortality, intellect etc. –  is more hairsute than your average person. Like Sandow, Savage has an impressive beard:

Arguably, the two characters that are the most alike are the WWE’s Zack Ryder and DC’s Booster Gold. Both clearly take care and spike their hair. Both are the media experts in their respective professions.  Ryder started his YouTube show, Z! True Long Island Story, to directly communicate with the WWE Universe and indirectly keep his job. From the success of his show, the WWE increased their online presence, creating a YouTube channel and integrating Twitter, another platform where Zack Ryder was well ahead of the curve. Similarly, Booster Gold has never been one to deny the public. Originally from the 25th century, Booster came back to our time to be more of a hero. Granted he was initially using his knowledge of the future to change the course of history all the sake of photo opportunities but still, he got some great press from it.

Both Ryder and Gold are never without their accessories. Booster Gold has Skeets, a flying, talking computer that serves as his companion, historian and friend. Ryder, meanwhile,  is never far from his Internet Championship (not recognized) … or his Flip Camera … or a Zack Ryder t-Shirt … or a Zack Ryder headband … or the Zack Ryder Foam Fistpump … or one of the other products available on If Booster could take a page from Zack, he’d mass produce Skeets as merchandise.

This Saturday, we may get the ideal Gold / Ryder team-up. Justice League Unlimited will be airing he Booster Gold centric episode “The Greatest Story Never Told.” Booster Gold is chosen to assist the other league members in battle. But, Batman (who may or may not be CM Punk) selected Booster to direct traffic and be crowd control. Gold laments his action-less role until a larger issue pulls him away from his bat-assignment. Without giving anything away, this episode showcases what is great about both Booster Gold and Zack Ryder: They exceed the limitations set on them by others. Hopefully, Saturday Morning Slam will pick up where Justice League Unlimited leaves off and we’ll be able to go from cheering on Booster Gold to  Woo Woo Woo-ing Zack Ryder to victory.

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