The Meme Event: Condescending Nerd AJ

In The Meme Event, 3MBooth shares Wrestling Inspired Memes.

Remember when we made a list of possible Simpsons Secret Admirers for Kaitlyn? Well, in a weird way, we guessed right! It was revealed that none other than Kaitlyn’s former BFF, AJ Lee, was behind the entire thing, making AJ the Mr. Burns of the WWE and – by extension – Big E. Langston is “Black Smithers.” And if “Catfishing” wasn’t enough, AJ added insult to injury by first berating Kaitlyn on RAW and then capturing the Divas Championship from her at WWE Payback.
It’s hard to believe that, almost a year ago, the NEWWWWWWW Divas Champion was the General Manager of RAW and the inspiration for our Fantasy RAW GM Meme. AJ is still a nerd, but she is not the nerd we once knew.  Indeed, someone set AJ to “Evil” and now she’s using her nerd tendencies to dismantle the Divas’ Division. AJ turned Kaitlyn’s love of The Simpsons into a weakness. Now that she’s the Divas Champion, AJ’s set to take apart the WWE Universe, meme by meme. Introducing Condescending Nerd AJ!

Condescending Nerd AJ is our latest meme based off AJ Lee’s Mean Streak. We may have the same things in common with AJ, but she’s not our friend, so she’s going to make fun of us.

You can find the rest of these on Facebook and Tumblr pages throughout the week! Remember, this is all in fun and AJ probably likes you in real life.
…Or not.

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