3 Count: NXTheme 2015

In 3 Count, Three Man Booth will Discuss Wrestling & Wrestling Related Music:
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In sports, the month of March is known as March Madness. America gets swept up in  NCAA Basketball as future NBA Superstars compete in a 64 team single elimination tournament. Offices around the United States are consumed with the idea of successfully (correctly) picking the winning teams, whittling done the 64 to the 1 championship team. Well, we like wrestling. Wrestling doesn’t have a 64 bracket elimination tournament.
So… we made one!

The closest thing the WWE has to the NCAA is NXT, their developmental promotion in Orlando, Florida. Several Superstars have gone on from there to join the main roster, proving themselves on the larger stage. But there’s still a tremendous amount of talent on display at Full Sail University every Wednesday on the WWE Network for an undisclosed price. The only fair way to have these budding Superstars compete is via the universal signifier of all wrestlers: their theme music! We chose 32 NXT Superstars and NXT Alumni to compete in this tournament. Fun Fact: we originally decided to limit this to a Sweet 16 tournament but that would not have included Alexa Bliss. Who could say no to this face?

Not us! Also, CJ Parker didn’t make the initial Sweet 16; we didn’t care so much but he likes to protest things and we didn’t want to deal with it. We let him in too. You’re welcome, Earth!

But, we’re not picking the winner. You are!

The larger version of the bracket can be found here. On the following pages, we’re putting up voting polls for each of the match-ups. [We also mad a YouTube playlist here] Vote for your favorite theme, which may or may not belong to your favorite wrestler (looking at you, Adam Rose!). The winning Superstars will advance to the Sweet 16 Round.

Voting Deadlines
Round of 32: March 14 to March 16 (After RAW)
Sweet 16: March 18 to March 20
Elite 8: March 21 to March 23 (After RAW)
Final 4: March 25 to March 30 (After RAW)
Championship Round: April 2nd to April 6th (After RAW)
We’ll announce the winners April 8th.

That’s right, we said winners. Not only will there be a winning Superstar theme but we’re also giving you a chance to win a 3ManBooth prize package. Just like with the NCAA tournament, if you can correctly fill out the bracket, you will win a prize from us. Just download our Excel bracket here and email the filled out version to 3manbooth@gmail.com with the subject “NXTheme.” You have until March 16 (After RAW) to get in your completed brackets. (One entry per person, please.)

Got it? On to the voting!

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