3 Count: #NXTheme – A Winner is You!

In 3 Count, Three Man Booth will Discuss Wrestling & Wrestling Related Music:
The Good, The Bad & The Cheesy

The bracket’s over but business is not done. As part of NXTheme, we asked you to submit completed brackets during the first round and predict the winner. We had a number of submissions, which took us a while to get through. Some people were close but the voting through a lot of people for a loop. There were strong pro-Charlotte and pro-Sasha Banks contingents. But the deciding match-up was the one that went into overtime: Sami Zayn versus Finn Balor.

3MB_NXT_20150327_0154If Sami Zayn had won the overtime, then Harp2012 would have won our tournament. He had Zayn beating Balor and defeating Kevin Owens in the finals.

3mb_nxtheme2015_MikeHarp_2ndBut, because of the run-off, Harp2012 came in 2nd with an impressive 25 of 31 brackets.3MB_NXT_20150327_0193The person who won the tournament is Matt Cones. His bracket was very similar to Harp2012 except that he chose Balor over Zayn. As result, that gave him the edge and the highest score of 26 out of 31 correct entries.

3mb_nxtheme2015_MatthewCones_1stFor his mostly correct bracket, Matt will be the recipient of the NXTheme Bracket Box! In it, there will be some items from our trip to Wrestlemania this year like:

A Bayley Band from Wrestlemania 31 (Not Yet in Stores!)
A WWE Elastic Band
Some Autographs from WWE Superstars: Ryback and (we think) Sheamus!

It will also contain some items we’ve found through the years from various flea markets, thrift stores and Etsy like:

A Rowdy Roddy Piper Pin
Mostly Dead Wrestler Pencils
Pro Wrestling Magnet Poetry

So, congratulate both Matt and Harp for a job well done. We’d love to have more winners for our next contest. Who knows what it will be and when? We’d appreciate any feedback on this tournament and any ideas for future ones.

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