3 Count: #NXTheme 2015 – Sweet 16

In 3 Count, Three Man Booth will Discuss Wrestling & Wrestling Related Music:
The Good, The Bad & The Cheesy

The first round of NXTheme is over! Thanks to everyone who voted and/or entered our contest. We got a lot of great responses. The good news is that our last post was only the first round. We’re now entering the Sweet 16 of NXTheme!

But, in the words of the WWE NXT* Season One winner Bad News Barrett,

3MB_WrestlingWithText_BadNewsBarrettYou can no longer enter our prize contest. However, you can still vote to determine the winner of our March Madness style tournament. The Sweet 16 polls will be open until March 20 so get your votes in soon. Here are the deadlines below:

Voting Deadlines
Round of 32: March 14 to March 16 (After RAW)
Sweet 16: March 18 to March 20
Elite 8: March 21 to March 23 (After RAW)
Final 4: March 25 to March 30 (After RAW)
Championship Round: April 2nd to April 6th (After RAW)
We’ll announce the winners April 8th.

So, who advanced to the Sweet 16 Round?

*We know that Wade Barrett was a member of WWE NXT, the television show that appeared on the SciFi Channel / SyFy, which is not the same as NXT, the promotion in this tournament. But WWE NXT gave us Michael Tarver, so…

A larger version is available here. Some of the votes were really close, coming down to a difference of one or two votes. However, there was theme that dominated the first round: Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady defeated Sylvestor Lefort in a clean sweep!

Bada Boom! Realest Theme in the Room! How you Doin’?

Can they do the same thing in the next round? With an opponent like Finn Balor, we’re not sure it’s possible. But, you will decide that! Onto the voting!

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