Highlight Reel: GCW (Guy Code Wrestling)

In Highlight Reel, 3MB will look at funny and interesting wrestling videos

A while ago, the MTV Guy Code Blog had an article on 5 Reasons Not to Take Your Girlfriend to a Pro-Wrestling Show and included one of our photos from the Meme Event, Cosgroving. Much appreciated, Guy Code! There’s also an article about the 5 Reasons to Take Your Girlfriend to a Pro-Wrestling Show, letting us that it was inevitable that the Guy Coders would one day enter the squared circle. Well, that day was recently. Two of the show’s resident guys – Andrew Schulz and Chris DiStefano – went to IWF’s training center to try the ring out first hand.

What could possibly go wrong?

Chris and Andrew just showed everyone what we’ve known about wrestling all along. Everyone should watch wrestling but not everyone should try wrestling. Look at what happened to Schulz’s chest after he met the hand of Biggie Biggs.

Yeah… it’s better to watch from the safety of your home or the audience.

Check out more Guy Code on MTV2!

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