So That Happened: #RAW Recap (02/23/15)


RAW begins with the return of Randy Orton!

After a loud “Randy” chant, Randy Orton says he’s not the guy who likes to talk your ear off with a long, 20 minute monologue or promo, but he’s got something to get off his chest. Orton says he’s been out of action for 4 months because of The Authority and Seth Rollins.

Randy Orton shows the footage of what happened to him, then says he’s been replaying that scene over and over in his head, but now he’s here to tell The Authority and the world that he’s just getting started.

Randy Orton calls Seth Rollins getaway a stay of execution. Orton says there will be no more running and hiding, then demands Rollins gets out here right now. Randy Orton gets The Authority instead.

After Big Show and Kane stare Randy Orton down, Stephanie McMahon welcomes Orton back on making one hell of a return on Fast Lane and RAW. Stephanie is happy that the take-no-prisioners Randy Orton is back and says that’s the Randy Orton that people want to see. Stephanie starts a “Randy” chant.

Stephanie McMahon wants that Randy Orton back as the Face Of The WWE, but Orton tells her to get off it. Orton tells Stephanie that she won’t forgive Seth Rollins and he wants to bash his brains in. Stephanie tells Orton that there’s no reason why he can’t forgive Rollins, and says everyone in The Authority is willing to put the past behind them. Stephanie makes a plea to Orton to come back “home” and join The Authority.

Randy Orton tells Stephanie McMahon that it’s tempting, but he’d rather kick some ass instead of kiss some ass. Big Show takes the mic and starts to talk to Orton, but gets drowned out in boos.

Big Show says that he understands Randy Orton’s anger, but says joining The Authoirty was the best decision he ever made. After a “You Sold Out” chant, Big Show tells Orton that him coming back to The Authority is the Best Decision he could ever make.

Randy Orton calls coming back to The Authority “selling out.” Stephanie tells Orton to look in his eyes and says he’s never been a good guy. Stephanie says that Orton does what he does to benefit himself and will do deplorable acts to get what he wants. Stephanie reminds Orton’s attacks against The McMahon Family, including herself.

Stephanie McMahon tells Orton that she can’t even show the footage, but wants Orton to hear The Authority out. Stephanie proposes a business conference with Randy Orton and The Authority so he can come back home.

After a “NO” chant from the WWE Universe, Randy Orton folds his arms and stays silent. The Authority starts to leave as Triple H and Randy Orton have a staredown.


After The Authority leaves the ring, Randy Orton tells them to wait one minute. Orton tells The Authority that he’ll be there for the business meeting in the back.

Match 01: Bad News Barrett vs. Dolph Ziggler

Bad News Barrett calls Dean Ambrose a thief for stealing the Intercontinental Championship. Barrett demands his Intercontinental Championship back because it’s his property, but he gets cut off by Dolph Ziggler.

R-Truth is on commentary

R-Truth and the commentators talk about Dean Ambrose stealing the Intercontinental Title.

R-Truth starts a “Give Truth A Chance” hashtag.

Bad News Barrett goes for the Wastleand, but Dolph Ziggler turns it into a DDT.

After getting Dolph Ziggler thrown into him, R-Truth continues to embarrass himself on commentary.

Dolph Ziggler catches Bad News Barrett with a Zig Zag.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Post-Match, Dean Ambrose comes out with the Intercontinental Title.

Dean Ambrose taunts Bad News Barrett with the Intercontinental Title, then has a staredown with Dolph Ziggler.


Dean Ambrose shoulder bumps Dolph Ziggler before leaving.

Backstage: Stephanie McMahon tries to talk with Seth Rollins and Randy Orton, but Rollins cuts her off and tries to talk to Triple H.

Stephanie McMahon tells Seth Rollins that he was disrespectful cutting her off, maybe because she’s a woman and tells her to think about someone other than himself for once.

Kane tries to intervene, but Stephanie McMahon says this is not about him or Seth Rollins. Stephanie tries to hype The Authority, saying Orton, Big Show. Kane and Rollins together are unstoppable and will have absolute power.

Seth Rollins asks how they can trust Randy Orton. Stephanie McMahon tells Rollins that if Orton can forgive Rollins for his plan and actions, then The Authority should forgive him as well. Stephanie tells Orton that if he forgives them, then The Authority will show them what family is truly all about.

Randy Orton and Seth Rollins shake hands.

Stephanie McMahon celebrates, saying that tonight, they will show the dominance of The Authority, by having Randy Orton and Seth Rollins face Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns tonight.


#ScumbagSheamus Promo…Again:

Match 02: The Prime Time Players vs. The Ascension

The Ascension speaks about The Bushwhackers going into the WWE Hall Of Fame, calling them hasbeens.

Darren Young says this is his house.

Darren Young catches Viktor with a small package.

Winners: The Prime Time Players

Post-Match, The Ascension destroys The Prime time Players.

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