So That Happened: #TotalDivas Recap (02/22/15)


We apologize for the delay in the Total Divas Recap. With WWE Fastlane, The Academy Awards, The Walking Dead, RAW, Parks And Recreation and the debate over the #TheDress…


The Twitterverse put Total Divas on the backburner. We scoured our 3MBooth list to find tweets and we didn’t find many. But we will give you a Total Divas Recap with the return of the Total Divas Takeaway!
Here’s what went down on this week’s very special Total Divas:

Eva Marie and her family took their first family vacation in 23 years to Las Vegas. While on vacation, it occurs to Eva Marie that this may be her Father, Barry’s last vacation due to him being sick. Eva decides to make a bucket list of fun activities for her Father and family to do, like eating 8lb burgers, going to the gun range and skydiving, but Barry thinks it’s too much. After finding out Eva and the family are treating him like he has one foot in the grave, Barry insists that he’s healthy and will be around for a long time. The Eva Marie Family continue to have a good time on vacation.

Nikki Bella tells Brie Bella about her intentions to buy a $15,000 purse. Brie protests that the purse is too much money, but Nikki gets the purse bought for her anyway by John Cena. After seeing Nikki with the purse, Brie scolds Nikki on her spending habits and wants her to see a financial adviser. The Bella Twins go see the Financial Adviser, only to find out that the Adviser is more concerned about Brie not having a financial plan after Motherhood and the end of her WWE career. After the meeting, The Bella Twins make a bet to see who will make the most money out of their investments by 40.

Natalya goes to check on her Mom, Ellie and finds out that her house has been flooded. Having nowhere else to turn, Nattie calls up Tyson Kidd, who comes over and sees the damage. After seeing how bad the house is, Tyson Kidd calls up his friend Arthur Henry, who agrees to fix up the house for the family. At the end of the episode, Ellie’s house is restored and looks amazing. Naomi reminds Natalya that Tyson Kidd loves her and Nattie starts to remember how good of a person Tyson Kidd is.

TL:DR Version: Eva_Nattie_Nikki_3MB

Apologies for this brief format. We hope to go back the original Total Divas format next week. Thanks for reading, and please tweet next time! Or don’t. It’s cool. We understand.

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