So That Happened: #TotalDivas Recap (03/01/15)


Total Divas begins with Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella debating Josie’s attitude. Brie shows Bryan her new voice alert security system. Brie and Bryan have to use their voices to record the sounds.


Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella bark like dogs into the voice security system.

Brie Bella thinks the security system will work, but Bryan is not convinced.

Natalya and Tyson Kidd go out to dinner. As a Thank You for helping out with her Mom, Natalya gives Tyson a gift.


After Natalya gets a phone call from her Father, Nattie tells Tyson that she wouldn’t have gotten through this without him. Natalya gets emotional about everything that’s been going on, saying it’s tested her in a way she’s never been tested.

Tyson Kidd compares Natalya’s struggle to one of their cats getting neutered, making Natalya laugh. Natalya tells Tyson that she’s happy he has him. Tyson questions this, then says Nattie has him more than ever before. Tyson Kidd and Natalya are officially back together!

Back at RAW, Paige visits Mark Carrano and Jerry Lawler, giving Lawler a hug. Lawler says he has the best seat in the house.

Later, Paige talks to Mark Carrano about getting a tattoo of her Mom on her arm since her Mom is the most important person to her in the world. Carrano shoots down the tattoo idea, saying Paige set herself up as a brand and that could hurt it. Lawler adds on that he’s not a fan of tattoos.

Mark Carrano tells Paige that he will ask the higher ups and WWE creative. Paige thinks there’s a chance it might be a yes.

In catering, Cameron has lunch with The Bella Twins. Cameron talks about how Vinnie’s parents have never met her parents. Cameron isn’t ready for their families to meet because Vinnie’s family is conservative and her Father was a former crack addict with missing teeth.

Cameron asks The Bella Twins for advice. Nikki Bella tells Cameron to prep her family for Vinnie. Brie Bella wants a front row seat to the chaos. Nikki Bella starts doing a “They cray” dance.

Later, Tyson Kidd and Natalya are talking about the “Nattie’s Husband” chants at NXT. Tyson jokes that Nattie loved the chants, but Nattie insists she doesn’t like them and that Tyson is the better wrestler.

Nattie wants Tyson Kidd to explore other options outside of wrestling. Nattie suggests modeling, then takes a few pictures of Tyson Kidd “modeling.”

Later, Cameron and Eva Marie are in the car. Eva is taking photos of Cameron eating fries. After joking around, Cameron tells Eva about how nervous she is for Vinnie’s family to meet hers because she doesn’t want her family to be judged. Cameron and Eva Marie continue to drive on a dessert road, as Cameron jokes they’re in the “boonies.”

Cameron takes Eva Marie to meet her Father, Forrest. Forrest compliments Eva Marie’s good looks. .

After the greetings, Cameron lets her Father and Stepmother know that they’re invited to meet Vinnie’s family. Forreat reveals that the reason he doesn’t go out to Church or social gatherings is because of his teeth and it makes him gag.

Cameron wants to help out and decides to get her Father’s teeth fixed at the Dentist. Forrest is touched, and Cameron figures this will kill two birds in one stone.

Cameron tells her Father to not dress like a pimp for the dinner.

Tyson Kidd and Natalya meet with Modeling Agent, David Todd. Natalya says Tyson reminds her of Matt Damon, and wants him to try new things. Todd says they will take photos and figure out what to do in order to set up a shoot. David Todd takes a couple of photos of Tyson Kidd.


At RAW, Mark Carrano walks up to Alicia Fox and Paige. After joking about being in trouble, Carrano lets Paige know that she won’t be getting a tattoo because she set up a brand and they can’t compromise that brand. Paige is upset and understands if it’s someone like Summer Rae that gets a tattoo, but she wants to honor her Mother.


Mark Carrano lets Paige know that Alicia Fox didn’t like the tattoo either. Alicia confesses she doesn’t like the tattoo either. Paige is upset because she is tired of people telling her what to do and not to do with her own body.

Cameron takes her Father to a suit shop. Cameron likes the suit, but Forrest lets her know that this is not his style and not the kind of suits he likes.

Cameron is upset and her Father asks if she’s embarrassed of him. Cameron claims she isn’t, but just wants everything to be perfect and wants him to be presentable. Cameron mocks her Forrest for being sweaty.

Tyson Kidd and Natalya go to the modeling photoshoot. Tyson gets his hair and makeup done, then models some clothes, which Natalya enjoys seeing. Tyson has to model with girls in his underwear next, which Nattie looks uncomfortable with, but says the old Nattie would’ve shut this party down.


Cameron and her Father go to visit Jamie Sans, D.D.S. Jamie sees Forrest’s dentures, saying his broken dentures are unacceptable. Cameron wonders if Jamie can do this done in a week, but Jamie says she can’t, which upsets Cameron.


Back in Tampa, Paige, Alicia Fox and Rosa Mendes talk about waxing and pubic hair. Alicia Fox says the two of them are too dirty in the morning, Rosa Mendes proceeds to do a “Dirtay In The Morning” boob jiggle.

Paige gets a phone call from her Father and puts a helmet on to answer it.

Paige’s Father lets her know that he is not happy about the tattoo idea. After her Father’s rant, Paige insists on getting the tattoo anyway because she wants to have fun.

A week later, Tyson Kidd and Natalya go back the Model Management Company. Natalya greets a dog, then admits she doesn’t like dogs.

At the Modeling Agency, Natalya and Tyson Kidd they find out that he would make a good sport and commercial model.

Vinnie asks Cameron if she’s ready for this, but Cameron isn’t ready. Vinnie lets Cameron know that his family have issues too and that not everybody is perfect. Cameron wants everything to be perfect. After a small argument about seating, Cameron’s Father walks in dressed “like a pimp.” Cameron calls her Father out on his attire, but Forrest likes how he looks.

Cameron goes over the “rules” of the party, saying no arguing. After everyone makes fun of Cameron’s contradiction, Vinnie asks Forrest if she can talk to him in private.

Vinnie asks Forrest for his blessing to marry Cameron down the line. Forrest calls Vinnie his son since the first time they met and says would be honored if Vinnie was his official son-in-law.

Tyson Kidd and Natalya are hanging out. Natalya admits that she’s very protective of Tyson Kidd, then brings up one of the models pressing her breasts up against her. Tyson says he wasn’t comfortable with it either and would rather model with Natalya.

As Vinnie’s Family comes to Cameron and Vinnie’s party, the weather changes to rain.

The dinner goes smoothly until Forrest stands up and tells everyone that Vinnie asked for Cameron’s hand in marriage. Forrest Thanks God and says he’s so grateful to have this beautiful new family.

Vinnie’s Father is happy to meet Cameron’s family, and wants them to be very happy together and have children. Cameron asks Vinnie about this. Vinnie tells Cameron about asking her Father for his blessing, Cameron jokes about not having a ring.

Cameron and Vinnie’s Families continue to have a good time with each other. After Vinnie’s Family leaves, Cameron starts to get emotional about her Father. Cameron apologizes to her Father for being embarrassed about the way he looks. Forrest calls Cameron a blessing and the two hug.


At the Tattoo Parlor, Alicia Fox and Rosa Mendes catch Paige getting a tattoo on her chest.

Paige puts the mock chest tattoo on, as Alicia and Rosa look upset. The Tattoo Artist thinks the tattoo is great. Natalya shows up to the Tattoo Parlor (Alicia Fox and Rosa Mendes actually called the “Mother Diva.”) and actually thinks the tattoo looks good.

Natalya and Paige have a private conversation about the tattoo. Natalya thinks the tattoo is cool, but asks Paige to weigh the pros and cons and if this tattoo is more important to her than her career in WWE. Paige gets upset at the way Natalya phrases it. Paige considers getting the tattoo anyway. Natalya tells Alicia Fox and Rosa Mendes that maybe Paige needs to make this mistake to realize how good she has it in WWE.

At RAW, Nikki Bella walks up and tells Dolph Ziggler about the time Daniel Bryan carried him in a match. Dolph Ziggler fires back by talking about the time Nikki farted, and kept farting like a machine gun.

Later, Paige shows up at RAW and reveals she didn’t get the chest tattoo but she did get the thumb tattoo. Paige says she has years to get a tattoo and that Natalya’s pep talk helped her make the right decision.


Paige flashes her tattoo at Primo, who quickly looks away.

So That Happened:

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