The Meme Event: Cosgroving

In The Meme Event, 3MB shares wrestling inspired Memes.

In a previous “So That Happened,” during the Larry King segment, we made a joke about the demographic, using iCarly.

We at Three Man Booth enjoyed the photo so much, that we created a Meme out of it. Introducing: “Cosgroving.” 

Cosgroving is taking Miranda “iCarly” Cosgrove and have her interrupt serious moments in wrestling with cupcakes. We’re aware of how ridiculous this meme is, but if there’s two things that wrestling fans love just as much as wrestling, it’s cupcakes and Miranda “iCarly” Cosgrove.
We’ll be posting more of this meme on our Facebook and Tumblr pages, so feel free to check them out there. Enjoy! And as Miranda “iCarly” Cosgrove would say….You know, I honestly don’t know what she would say.
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